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Monday, 3 June 2013

Ogham .... the Celtic alphabet of trees.

I have just completed a small but intricate textile.

I have mounted it on Silver Birch bark. 
I love using natural backgrounds for presenting my creations.
Hessian is my preferred medium for stitching on. 
It is so flexible and suits my style of  work.
I have used a variety of threads, in bronzes and gold,
 abaca tissue, tyvek, silk rods, beads, buttons and
 a small portion of a vintage doilly, dyed in greens and gold.
I love the technique of needle weaving, 
which I have used to emphasise the delicate structure.

The bark was then mounted on a portion of a branch of wood.
Thus complete, it required a title.
After some research, I decided on
which is Birch, in the Celtic Language of trees.