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Monday, 22 July 2013

Of Wool and things......Crazy Zauberball

Been having a love affair for some time now, 
with a cheeky little wool number, Crazy Zauberball.  
It is sock or 4ply wool and comes in amazing tweedy colours.
Perfect for my fingerless mittens.

Just finished this pair and am particularly pleased with the Dorset button. 
 I recently visited the new branch of baa ram ewe in Harrogate 
and was seduced by this colorway,'my sweet side' 
and I haven't been disappointed.  It knits up beautifully and 
there is a lot of yardage for your money (420m in 100g).  
Fell in lovewith the store too, will definately be back.
Loved the wool so much I've just purchased
 a ball of, 'tropical fish' shade.

Can't wait to get started.