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Sunday, 29 September 2013

'Sheep May Safely Graze'.. with grateful thanks to Johann Sebastian

Can't believe another week has gone and here we are, Sunday again.  
Time to share my musings
Very disappointed not to be able to go to Yarndale.
We are being very careful with our resources, 
until we get on our feet again.
So, my lovely partner sugested an alternative, 
which was closer and more important for us, a free event.
So off we set ....

past Gouthwaite Resevoir

up, up, up, we went, thro' the misty mountains!!

along the long and winding road
Masham Sheep Fair 



Just a small selection of the sheep proudly displayed.
Can you believe the colour of the yellow one.
I couldn't! reminded me of my friend Teresa's,
who we met there, unexpectedly, quirky paintingsof sheep.
 Of course I couldn't resist a little spend.
There was a lovely stall in the Town Hall with lots of gorgeous
Handspun Wool.

  It was difficult to chose but I settled on this one.
Thought it would make a lovely shawl or some of
my fingerless mittens.

Then there was this.....
 in the Spinners and Weavers section.
I have been stalled with a sweater, which I blogged about way back in May
 but I think this will be perfect for the sleeves.
Time will tell!
 Before I go, I wanted to share with you this
crochet bag, that I've been working on all week.

This is a 'before' photo, in case my experiment fails.
It's about to go in the washing machine to be felted.
Never done this before.  Might go horribly wrong !
Will share the 'after' photo next time.
Fingers crossed ....

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Turning of the Year

Today we have arrived at 'the Turning of the Year', the Autumn Equinox.
On a Sunday too! 
 I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them.  A day for
reflection on the week past and rest from onerous tasks.
 This week, being, the online shop.
It's a lovely day, in North Yorkshire, blue skies.
  Thought I might share with you the view
 from my studio window 

and ......
the little friends that share the space with me.
Meet ...

The 'Barbie' girls. 

'Joe the clown',
liberated from the Charity Shop.

'Old Fred',
not made by me but a gift from a friend.

'The Wool Gang ',
protectors of my stash.

'Valentine Bear',
given to me on that special day, by my
special man.

The 'Pencil Top Mob'

Collection of little figures that caught my eye. 

'Pruedence', dear friend of Ethel,
who gets to try on my hats..... lucky girl.

Lastly I'd better explain about the studio thing.
Sounds a bit pretentious to call it that. Perhaps,
work room  would be more appropriate.
I suppose that's what living with an artist does for you.
He has one 
When in Rome !!!!
Postscript:  So excited, had my first sale on Etsy.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Last Rose of Summer and Vintage Finds

As you enter the back door of our cottage, facing you is  a niche.
  This is our homage to 'the great god Sod' (who comes to call ocassionally)
 and the household gods (seen on the left of the flowers).
We keep it clothed in fresh flowers.  
Yesterday's offering includes the last of our  roses, 
which ramble round our front door.

Sunday's, now I am not working, are a time for pottering
in my studio and having a bit of a sort out.
Trying to find a place for the Vintage finds,
 lately procurred.

Two little hand embroidered pieces, which I absolutely love.
Found in a house clearance and donated to me.
Does this qualify me to be a member of B.A.D. Eco Ethel?
This being only the tip of the iceberg!


Next, came these little tins, adorable.
I have a huge collection, one of my many weaknesses.
  Found these two little beauties at our local charity shop.
 They are now nestling among the others, each
filled and fulfilling a new purpose.

I've saved the best till last.
I am totally in love with bakelite. 
The little collar stud box, I purchased from my favourite
charity shop. It is being used to house my knitting stitch markers.
Upcycling at it's best but pride of my collection .....

This lovely beehive yarn holder, which I won on ebay for
a very resonable price. I had been watching these for
months but had never managed to find one that I could afford.
Finally, persistance was rewarded.  I was exhillarated and excited
when the postman delivered it. It is so small and perfect and lives
on the dresser in my studio.
I'm a very lucky girl and that's official !!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness.

Autumn is the time of year that I love best.
Preparing and repairing our cosy 'nest' for winter.
Catching up (now we have the time), on all those
jobs that have been neglected lately.

The chimney has been swept allowing us our
first, cheery fire of the season. 
Lovely ........

The Rowan trees are groaning with berries.
A feast for the Thrushes.

Blackberries in the hedgerows wating to be gathered.
Good year, picked loads for pies and jam.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse, ready for pickling.

Sunflowers in a vase on the kitchen table.
A gift from a friend when the gallery closed.
Plenty more to do.
Trying to get to grip with setting up the online shop
on our website.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

'The times they are a changing'

It's all change and bustle in our lives at the moment.
Last week was all about endings.
 Our gallery, in a small town in North Yorkshire, which has been
an outlet for Justin and mine's artwork, for the last
three and a half years, closed it's doors on Saturday.
The building which we rented has been sold and it's time to move on.

Last day at the gallery
If this unfortunate event was not enough to deal with.
Our little pussycat, which has lived with us for the past
twenty years, decided to 'shake off this mortal coil'
and depart to that 'great cat house in the sky'.
She had reached a great age, you may say but that doesn't
lessen the grief for a very old and treasured friend.
Why now, of all times ?

Pebbles, our lovely cat
This week found me starting something new.
I've always promised myself that I would investigate the process 
of dyeing cloth but as yet have not found the time.
On Sunday, I attended an Indigo Dyeing workshop.
It was a very interesting and stimulating day and a good
beginning to the next stage of my life. 
It was led by Maggie Relph from the African Fabric Shop.
Needless to say, she bought some of her fabrics, buttons and beads.
  I am afraid to say, I fell by the wayside and
 purchased some yummy bits and pieces.
 Below are some of my experiments.  I loved it
 and will be following up on it, when time allows.
Last but not least is Ethel.
 She is HOME ensconced in my studio, amongst all
 the chaos of materials etc. that I have to reabsorb.
She reigns supreme, master of all she surveys.

Early morning in my studio
Whilst I am left contemplating the future and 
what it may hold for us but after all,
life is about the journey, not the destination !