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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

'The times they are a changing'

It's all change and bustle in our lives at the moment.
Last week was all about endings.
 Our gallery, in a small town in North Yorkshire, which has been
an outlet for Justin and mine's artwork, for the last
three and a half years, closed it's doors on Saturday.
The building which we rented has been sold and it's time to move on.

Last day at the gallery
If this unfortunate event was not enough to deal with.
Our little pussycat, which has lived with us for the past
twenty years, decided to 'shake off this mortal coil'
and depart to that 'great cat house in the sky'.
She had reached a great age, you may say but that doesn't
lessen the grief for a very old and treasured friend.
Why now, of all times ?

Pebbles, our lovely cat
This week found me starting something new.
I've always promised myself that I would investigate the process 
of dyeing cloth but as yet have not found the time.
On Sunday, I attended an Indigo Dyeing workshop.
It was a very interesting and stimulating day and a good
beginning to the next stage of my life. 
It was led by Maggie Relph from the African Fabric Shop.
Needless to say, she bought some of her fabrics, buttons and beads.
  I am afraid to say, I fell by the wayside and
 purchased some yummy bits and pieces.
 Below are some of my experiments.  I loved it
 and will be following up on it, when time allows.
Last but not least is Ethel.
 She is HOME ensconced in my studio, amongst all
 the chaos of materials etc. that I have to reabsorb.
She reigns supreme, master of all she surveys.

Early morning in my studio
Whilst I am left contemplating the future and 
what it may hold for us but after all,
life is about the journey, not the destination !