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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ghosts in the Machine and Knitting

Apples in the press
This week began in a very frustrating way.
When I had finished my last post, I went to add
my 'Word of the Day', only to find the text gadget
had stopped working......so annoying!!
I spent an inordinate amount of time
 fiddling with it, to no effect.
Not being one to give up at the first hurdle,
I did a bit of sleuthing on Google, only to find 
there were a lot of other unhappy bloggers out there
having the same problem. 'Misery loves company'!
So relieved it wasn't something I'd done.
Anyway enough of that. 
It took a week but it seems to be sorted
but not before I stupidly lost all my words.
There must be a moral in that somewhere!
The rest of the week panned out much better.
The cider making is proceeding apace.
Couldn't resist taking a photo of the pressed apples
(see start of post).
They look like a little green and pink brick wall.
So pretty.

The rest of the week was spent in my workroom
knitting the sleeve and yoke of my sweater.
The new wool bought at Masham Sheep Fair has
renewed my love affair with the piece and I've been
able to get fresh inspiration.I've managed to complete one
 side, watched over by my faithful friend, Gemma.

I say watched but as you can see, she's snoozing in the
 Autumn sunshine streaming through the window.
It's now assembled and with the help of my able assistant Ethel
 ........ here for you to see

It's great to have Ethel home, where she belongs.  
She is so helpful, modelling my creations and never complaining. 
I caught her admiring herself in the mirror.
Made me smile.

The week ended with a trip to Skipton with a friend.
Had a lovely time reaquainting myself with old haunts
(I worked at the hospital there for 12 years).
Came back, with a few bits and pieces, for very little money.

Felt restored and refreshed. 
It's amazing what a day out and a bargain will do!
Before I go .......
Amanda, from the lovely blog Rabbit House Lane 
suggested I might do a post on felting.  
I've been experimenting on a new bag.
Will blog about the process next time.
Have a happy week.