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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Juggling and ..... An Unexpected Journey !

It's Sunday again and the 6th October already.
Time is marching on !
It's set to be a busy day as we are apple picking.
Justin, my partner, is keen to try his hand at cider making.
So we are taking advantage of a kind neighbour's offer
to make use of her bumper crop and her apple press.
A way of saving money and learning a new skill at the same time.
Oh! and something to add to the Christmas cheer too.
Better get on with this post before I get called away.
The 30th September, is a sad day for me.  
I suffered the unexpected loss of my youger brother.
It's been four years now and time has helped soften the grief 
but it is always a day for thoughtfulness and reflection. 
 It changed my life and made me realise
that you have to make the most of every moment
 and take pleasure in the little things. 

Justin planned, unbeknown to me, to take me on a picnic
  to our favourite Dale..... Littondale
I apologise in advance for the quality of my photos as the 
weather was not with us.

The scenery was stunning although a mist hung over the tops
and we couldn't see Pen y Ghent at all.
 I did see, however, a pair of buzzards wheeling overhead (such a privilege) 
but in the photo they looked like pinpricks and not worth showing to you.
It was the perfect antidote and we had a lovely day.
The rest of the week was spent in my workroom
I have been knitting and crocheting madly, in order to get enough
items for a Christmas Craft Stall.
It's all a juggling act! 
 balancing  my need to work on my textiles or to try and 
generate some income to keep us going.
Finished a pair of mittens

and ....
 was so chuffed with my felting experiment.
The crochet bag turned out better than my wildest dreams

I crocheted a little flower for decoration and felted that too.
In the centre, I sewed a greeny-yellow mother of pearl button
with a flower bead centre. 
The fastening is a vintage button, culled from my vast collection.

I still thought it needed something to make it extra special.
I found this fabulous vintage fabric which I thought would
make a good lining and finish it off.
It did.

Put both items on Etsy, so we shall see!
Just before I go, thought I'd share Justin's latest painting with
you because I love it.
He's painting watercolours at the moment which is not
his preferred medium but they sell.

The Stray.
He's also juggling but hey!
'C'est la vie'