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Thursday, 24 October 2013


It's a lovely day today, after all that rain.
Thought it was worth a photo.

This is our little cottage garden, basking in the sunshine.
So lovely.
It's been another busy week.
Thought I was going to have a quiet time of it, in
my workroom, but fate stepped in.
Suddenly realised, on Sunday, that it was my niece and
great nephew's 1st birthday at the end of the week.
Thursday, in fact.
With all the things going on here, it had slipped my mind.
A very big oops!!
What to do..... not much time.
Make  something of course.
Found a pattern for a lovely little hat, in a Debbie Bliss baby book.

Out came the needles and yarn and I set too.

Adapted it a little, to make it my own and this is the result.

 What do you think ? 
 I've just heard little Archie loved it.
 Couldn't ask for more.
While I was in town, on Tuesday posting my package,
 I had to visit my favourite shop, didn't I ?


Found this lovely lilac soap (loved the box) and this hat pin.
I also dropped in my application form, to act as a volunteer.
That's it I'm committed now.
before I go, a couple of photos of work, completed since I
last posted.

I've upcycled this lovely silk mix, pokadot scarf (purchased for very little money),
  by crocheting and attaching some matching flowers.
I'm very pleased with it.
and ...

Here is Ethel wearing my new sweater.
Finished at last.
Phew !!