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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Walk on the Wild Side

It's 'All Hallows Eve'.
Happy Halloween everyone!
The Post title today is an homage to one 
of the icons of my mis-spent youth.

R.I.P. Lou
Storm St. Edmund's, which reeked havoc, in
some parts of the country but mercifully, the worst
of it, passed us by.
We got the rain but not the wind.
This is a photo of ducks (almost too small to see), happily
playing in a temporary pond, in the field behind our house

Yesterday, we took advantage of the lovely,
autumnal morning and set off on another trip 
into The Dales.

This is the road to Grassington. What a view!
We are so lucky to live here.

This was our destination, Upper Wharfedale.

Lastly, caught this Highland cow, happily having
 a good scratch on the 'Welcome to Richmondshire' sign.
 Picture doesn't do it justice but it made me laugh.
The rest of this week has been spent in my workroom.
I'm working on another bag (the last one), for my stall.
See what you think.

Adapting this from a pattern from one of my favourite
bloggers Lucy, from Attic 24
It's going well so far. Found some fabric that I liked
for the lining.

This one won't be felted. 
 I've made it before but it was larger and I didn't line that one. 
Also trying an experiment with the handles and closure.
 Will show the finished article next time.
I'm delighted with this vintage booklet of sock patterns.
It was delivered on Monday and is in perfect condition.

I have had the idea of  knitting a pair of  Christmas socks ,
for the man in my life.
I've purchased the wool  (love the soft colours),
and cast on.
It's a start!!

 I'm going to use the 'magic loop' (more about that later)
method, rather than my usual 4 needles.
I like to alternate between both approaches to circular knitting so
that I keep my skills up.
I've got another days work on Saturday, so that will be coming
 with me, as I'm trying to knit them in secret.
Before I go Ethel has asked me if I could show you
a photo of her 'fully' dressed.
She said it was getting a little chilly for being so scantily clad.

How could I refuse !