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Friday, 29 November 2013

Highs and Lows!

We've come to the end of the week again.
It's a very blustery day here, hence the slightly
blurry photo from my workroom window.

November will soon be a memory.
December is almost upon us and we will be able to 
open the first door of the Advent Calendar.
So exciting! I love Christmas.
My post today, mainly concerns, the highs and lows of
my first, Craft Stall experience.
To be honest, it was mainly lows, unfortunately.
With hindsight, I think my expectations were too high.
We are living life on the edge at the moment. I had pinned
all my hopes on earning some much needed cash
to help pay for Christmas.
At the end of the day, I only just covered my costs, with
a tiny, tiny profit, which was probably gobbled up,
by the cost of the petrol I used, getting there.
I had lots of questions ......
Were my 'goodies', just not good enough!

 [ Collaged Yorkshire Landscape ]       

 but that couldn't be right as I got lots
               of great feedback, from the other stall holders.     

 [Rag Rug Kit]

The truth was, we just didn't get the footfall.
It was a bit dispiriting. 
All that hard work for very little return.
On the plus side ......... 
I met lots of lovely people with the same interests as me
 and I did cover the cost of my pitch.
One lovely stall holder, who's things I lusted after,
took nothing at all. Poor girl!
Anyway, that's enough of that......
I'm putting that experience behind me and
getting straight 'back on the horse'.
I've booked another stall for 7th Dec,
at our local Christmas Fair.
It's cheaper, no petrol expenses and
I already have the stock!!
Must go now, need to get to the post.
 More Christmas Pudding Hats will be 
winging their way onwards.

Have a great weekend everyone!