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Saturday, 9 November 2013

'Lest We Forget'

Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday
The Weather Man has forcast a beautiful day,
which will be great for all those who will be taking part in 
commemoration parades.

We will remember them.
The weather has definitely slipped into Autumn.
Most days, here in Yorkshire, have been much
colder, with frosty nights and dank and dreary days.
Although, there was a brief respite on Thursday.

View from my workroom
This week has been challenging in so many ways.
By far the worst, is that our boiler has broken, which means
 NO heating.
I don't do cold!!
 Ever since I was a child, being cold, reduces  me to tears.
This necessitated a text to our friendly plumber, only to find he was
in the Caribbean. Oh No.......
Thank goodness for the fire and warm clothing is all I can say.
I keep telling myself it's character building.
Anyway he's back and on the case.
So here's hoping it won't go on much longer.
The next challenge came via the Internet, which was to
make an adult size Christmas Pudding Hat.

Infant size
This deserves it's own post...... more next week.
I'm on with it, in fact it will be finished today.
On Wednesday, I went for my first day as a volunteer
at my local Charity Shop. Lots of challanges there.
There's much more too it than you might think but I loved 
every moment of it, especially being with people again.
On Thursday, I was asked by my lovely neighbour, Ann,
if I could make her a Poppy brooch.
Short notice but I thought that I could rise to the challange.
This was the result.

It was worth all the effort. She was delighted.
Before I go. Just time to show you the finished
bag that I blogged about last week.

Hope you like it .
Wonder what next week will bring!!