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Friday, 27 December 2013


Boxing Day, was a lovely quiet sort of day.
We pottered about doing just what we fancied.

It was a very frosty start, unlike today.
 We're back to 'stormy' weather!
Mr C,  decided to spend it in his music
room, which he's been refurbishing, over 
the holiday season.
                                                  Supervised by his childhood friends.

As you would expect, I retreated to my workroom.
I spent a happy time, tidying and rearranging my work space. 
Reading Lazy Daisy's post today,
 I realise I was not alone, in this.
This is a ritual with me, before I start something new.
Then, it was time to play!
Look what I got for Christmas.

Pom pom makers....Yeah!!
Been a want, for a while and Mr C. obliged.
Had a few happy hours..... no wool was safe.
Great for stash busting
Then, it was onto the new project.

I've always wanted to challenge myself to knit
a Shetland shawl.
Way back in the summer, I aquired 5 balls of Rowan, 
Kidsilk Haze, in a Charity Shop, in Skipton.

I've made a start as you can see.
Hope you've had a happy time!