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Friday, 24 January 2014

A Trip to the Isles

The  sunshine has been, 'as rare as hen's teeth, this week.
I did manage to snap this, on Wednesday, from the kitchen window.

and .......
 the first signs of Spring appearing in the garden.

These hellibores are nodding in the sunshine.
They are so beautiful but not for picking.
* * *
My news this week, is bound up with the Shetland Isles.
My shawl is progressing, slowly, it must be said.

Also, I've been comissioned to knit a Fairisle sweater.

Met with the recipients on Tuesday and spent a happy afternoon
visiting the Shetlands, via the net, choosing the wool.



These are the colours, they chose.
I'm excitedly waiting for it to arrive and have been making prepartions.

Found a basket to hold the project and lined it with
this pretty, vintage doily.
So, I'm ready and waiting for the off!!!
Have a great weekend everyone.