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Friday, 28 February 2014

Goosey Goosey Gander!

Like my blogger friend Ali, of Random Wooliness.
My post this week is about our feathered friends.
I have to say here and now, that my photos aren't a 
patch on hers but here goes.
Mr C and I, had a bit of an adventure last weekend,
looking after a flock of geese and some assorted
The setting was idyllic, with views out over Nidderdale

I did wonder what the geese would be like, as they have 
a bit of a reputation for being fierce. However they
proved to be very biddable, if a bit noisy,
 especially after Mr C. bribed them with
 some bread....  a favourite with them!

This is Rolley, the leader of the pack,who followed us about to 
make sure we didn't get up to anything we shouldn't.

A very handsome fellow!

I loved the chicken shed. Lots of eggs to be
found inside..... an added bonus!

and these are some of the hens.
Lovely ladies, all!
Sunday's are the day I set aside, for my own
textiles. This is my latest work in progress.
I love listening to Radio 4 and sewing.

The Spiral is my favourite shape. This picture
definately doesn't do it justice but gives a bit of a flavour of it.
The background, is hessian scrim. 
It can be pulled into lots of irregular shapes, which can be darned, 
embroidered or bound. I love using 'found' objects too.
The rest of the week was put aside for the 
fairisle sweater. It's coming on, as you can see.
Finished the back and am up to the armholes at the front.

Before I go, must show you the little gift,
Rolley's owners left for me.

A gorgeous pair of vintage crochet, cotton gloves.
Ethel insisted on, 'getting in on the act', by modelling them.
Have a great weekend, everyone.