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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hard Graft!

Thursday this week found me in Harrogate.
Spring has definitely sprung on The Stray, which is famous
for it's crocus display. As always, I didn't have my camera
with me to record this splendorous array of floral magnificence.
Trawling the net, I found this image to show you.
The internet is a marvellous place!

Difficult to find a subject to blog about this week,
as I have been knitting to the exclusivity of everything else.
The body of the sweater is now complete and I had to 
join the shoulder seams. I thought I might try 'grafting' again.
I have tried it several times before without success.
It's always ending up looking like a 'dogs dinner'.
Thought you might be interested in the process as it looks
so much better than sewing, if it works!

This is the book I am working from.

It has lots of traditional and lovely patterns to make and a very useful
section on techniques, at the back.... one of which was, grafting.

Lay two edges, right side up, side by side.
 Use remeaining thread from last stitch ( need 3x length of seam).
I didn't do that, as I've only just read that bit. 
Just used same coloured wool.
Bring needle back through the loop of the first stitch
and then through the loop on the other side.

Take the needle down through the first loop on the first
side and the through the second loop, on the same side.

Take needle through first and second loops on the other side.

Repeat across the row, keeping the tension as close to 
the tension of the knitting you are joining.
I hope this makes sense!
To be honest, I just followed the diagrams.
For some inexplicable reason, the technique
 just clicked with me, this time.
I was absolutely chuffed with the result.
A virtually invisible join, although the pattern doesn't 
quite gel in one place.
Can you spot it?

Try it, you won't be sorry.
This will give me an entirely seamless sweater as the sleeve
stitches are picked up around the armhole and knitted down to the cuff.
That's the next challenge!
Have a great weekend everyone.