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Monday, 28 April 2014

And the Winner Is!

This post is a tale of two Ali's.
Today is my birthday and the date of
my 'Giveaway' draw.
Without more ado, here is the name of
the winner.

Well done Ali, from the Crazy Daisy blog.
Email me your address and I will put the book in the post.
Hope you enjoy leafing throught it's pages.
Coincidently, another Ali, from Random Wooliness,
who I have met through the wonderful world of
blogging, sent me this,

beautiful handemade book,

for my special day.
Thank you soooooooo much,
Means a lot!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Tale of Two Dogs!

I can't believe it's a week since we returned
from our little jaunt, to Anglesey.
Thought I'd share it with you.

Let me introduce you to, George and Milly.
It was difficult to get them to stand still long enough
for a photo call but Mr. C. did manage it.
George, is the Lurcher-cross and Milly, a Corgi.
They were the reason for our trip ........
a few days of dog sitting.
The weather was good.
We did lots of walking .....

 by the sea, in the early morning.

*  *   *   *

in the woods,

and exploring Beaumaris.


The rest of the days were spent in Clare and Alison's (our hosts).
 walled garden, playing with the contents of my 'Box of Delights'!

This is the start of something..... looking forward to 
finding out what!
Exploring the contents of Clare's shed and workshop.

It's full of all sorts of finds from the beach.
A treasure trove!

This is a bird that Clare made. I love it!
I will leave you with a photo of two pot's
of Fritillaries, which came out whilst 
we were away.

Have a great weekend everyone
and don't forget, there is still time to enter my, 

Friday, 18 April 2014

First Anniversary and a Giveaway!

Yes, it's been a year since I first started out
on this blogging  adventure.
I can't believe that I have managed to reach
this milestone. It only seems like yesterday, that I 
first started to share my life and textilling adventures.
To celebrate, I am going to have a 
Remember my blog post, from a few weeks ago
about my vintage embroidery and knitting book finds?

This will be the prize.
It dates from the 1940's and has a linen cover.

It is packed full with information on various
needlework and craft techniques.

Embroidery and Applique.


Sea Grass Work (never heard of it but it looks interesting).

Leather Work.


Hand embroidery and much, much,more!
To enter, all you need too do. is follow my blog 
and leave a comment. If you share my post with
Facebook, Google ot Twitter, that will entitle you
to an extra entry. Ethel will draw the winner out of
a hat on Monday 28th April. An auspicious day for me
as it's my birthday.

It only remains for Ethel and I wish you 
Good Luck
and a very Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Break.

It's been very busy in our house this week.
We are off to the Isle of Anglesey.

Doesn't it look idyllic!
We are dog sitting, for a few days.
Preparations are in full flow.
In order of importance .......

My crafting materials (of course).
I bought one of those vanity cases, popular a few years ago.
You can pick one up easily in Charity shops.


Perfect space for tools and materials, suitable for a bit of
experimentation and fun! I've not had time for that
lately. The fairisle sweater is remaining in it's basket
AT HOME......
Next in importance, is something to read.

Over 900 pages, of escapism and magic.
Should be enough!
Oh and I suppose, I'd better pack something to wear.
Always comes low down in the pecking order.
Leaving Ethel, in charge while we are away.
Hope she doesn't get up to too much mischief.

While the cats away !!!
My next post will mark the end of my
first year of blogging.
Look out for my GIVEAWAY.
Have a happy weekend, everyone.
Sun, sea, sand .......
here we come!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Happy Monday!

Lovely lady's achievements, at my second crochet workshop.
Didn't they do well.
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

You Need Hands!

Hello! from our dreary corner of North Yorkshire.
The weather has not been up to much this week.
Lots of mistiness and rain, with the sun in short supply.
Still, it seems to have kept the Saharan dust away.
I got to thinking, as you do, how essential our hands are!
How obvious is that, you may say.
What brought that on!
Well two things really.
A present, I purchased for my youngest's, girlfriend's 30th.

You can get anything on Ebay, these days.
It's strange to see a pair of disembodied hands.
(They would suit Ethel, don't you think?)

 Ali's post  about the Tapestry of Touch Exhibition
by the charity, Sense.
Where would we Crafter's be, without them!
Had a fantastic find last week.
A cache of Vintage (1940's)
Knitting, Homemaking and Embroidery books

My heart started beating a little faster when I spotted
the first one, in a cardboard box of old books.
On further investigation, I discovered a whole box full.
Well, by this time my heart was in overdrive.
I came away with eight in total, for a very reasonable price.
I collect these little treasure troves of information but lately
they have been put in 'collectables' and have been priced
out of my reach. So you can imagine my delight.
Love the thought that I will be treasuring, dipping into
and reusing, the information from someone's prized collection.
The illustrations are delightful!

and this little project caught my eye!

Maybe later!!
Lastly before I go, an update on my fairisle sweater
 and a tip.
Just cast on the last sleeve.
         So, it's all down hill from here on in.

                            I have been using 4 dpn's for the neck and the cuff.
             Juggling with 160 stitches, at one point,
               it was very annoying when the stitches kept
falling off the end of the needles.
          Put my thinking cap on and came up with this.

Found some wooden beads and popped them 
on each end of the needles.
Worked like a dream,
Problem solved!
Rumour has it, by the recipients of the sweater,
that there might be an ....
'after sweater', party.
How exciting!!
Have a great weekend everybody.