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Friday, 30 May 2014

Birthday on a Budget!

You may have noticed, from previous posts,
that things have been a little tight, financially, 
since our Gallery had to close last Autumn.
This has forced me to think more creatively,when it 
comes to presents, for friends and family.
It's Mr C's birthday in June.
What could I give him?
He has already been on the receiving end 
of my handknitted socks and fingerless mittens.

I had also made him a book, for Valentines Day.

Can you see the sock, poking out?
I put those inside the book.

I scratched my head for a bit and then had an idea!
He has a bag, that carries his essentials and goes everywhere with him.
It is, very, very, old and tatty and he has been
asking me, plaintively for ages, to make him a new one.
That involves sewing ... I don't do sewing! not 
conventionally, anyway.
It is a measure of the esteem, in which I hold him, 
that I am even considering it!!
What to make it out of. 
He had offered me some canvas, of which he has
an abundance, being an artist.
Obviously, that was out of the question, as it's a surprise.
I looked through my stash and found an offcut from
some curtains that we bought to keep out the draughts.
That would do the job, I thought, strong and very durable.
I set about cutting and sewing. 
Found some jazzy braid for the handles
and this is the result.

Reminds me of those old carpet bags.
Have you noticed that the design is upside down!
Wanted to make use of the hem of the curtain, as the top,
(if that makes sense), as it was so perfectly sewn.
Don't do conventional, I'm afraid. 

Just have to bind the seams and it will be finished.
Hope he likes it!
Finally, just got time to show you, a little
crochet project, I've started.


I am planning to attach, letters or shapes to each one.
The only worry is that I may run out of wool,
before I have made enough triangles.
Fingers crossed.
Hope the sun shines on you this weekend!