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Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Week .......

This week, I .........

Helped Mr C. to give Daisy her first bath.

Did my first stint, in the Pop-up Shop!

Started a new project ..
 Strung some hessian on my large rug frame.

Sorted out my rug tool and some baskets of strips.
Don't have a design in mind. Just going to be led by the colours.
A bit like a large doodle!


Darned a hole in the sleeve, of a much loved, cardigan.
AND ......
 that was my week!
Have a great weekend, everyone.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Reasons to be cheerfull!

Lots of reasons to be cheerful, this week!
The main one being, that I am out of the doghouse.
Mainly due to Mr C's birthday present, that I blogged
about a couple of weeks ago.
He loved it!
He even said, at the celebratory meal, I prepared.
"It's only a car"!
Phew, that's a relief ...... heh,heh!

Then there's this ... we've been offered space in another
Pop-up shop, in Harrogate, for the next 7 weeks.
It was very short notice, so it's been all hands to the pump
and endless lists.


 Some of my work, that I will be including.

Tree of Life
As I was Walking

and one of Mr C's, paintings.

A Fleeting Moment

Lots of my knitwear too.
Set up day was yesterday and we open on Saturday.
*   *   *
Lastly, as I was sorting through my knitting patterns,
 I came upon this, vintage pattern.

To quote, from the inscription at the top.
'This charming jumper is knitted in the four colours which
Princess Elizabeth sponsored for British Industry to commemorate
the occasion of her wedding.'
I absolutely love it, the pattern, colours and it's history.
I have decided to make this my next knitting project.
I haven't sufficient funds for purchasing the wool yet
but if I am lucky enough to sell some of my work ......
Jamiesons of Shetland will be getting an order.
Fingers crossed!
Hope you have lots of reasons to be cheerful,
this Solstice weekend!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

In the 'Doghouse'!

I have been having a terrible week, for reasons too
boring to mention here! 
It culminated, in me scratching the car, 
which has put me, in the doghouse with Mr C.
I haven't been in the right space for doing very much
in the creative department.
So I have decided this post will contain few words
and lots of photographic reminders of the week.

Daisy, with whom I am sharing the doghouse.
 Heh, heh!
 I'm in good company, don't you think!

Amarylis Lily, on the kitchen windowsill.

Unexpected sighting of baby bluebird, just fledged.

Wild roses in the hedgerow.


The only crafty thing I've managed all week.
A crochet flower brooch.

Well, I think that's it for this post.
I'm gradually emerging from the black cloud, that's been 
following me around all week.
Have a sunny weekend, everyone!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Mr 'Cock-up' Comes to Call! ..... Oh, am I allowed to say that!

Glad to say that it's sunny again today, after a 
very miserable week here, weatherwise.
Thought I'd post a few photos to cheer myself 
and hopefully you, up!

Flowers from the garden, in my workroom.

Wildflowers around my neighbour's pond.

Two views, I snapped, while out walking.
The grasses blowing in the wind, were magical!

Can you spot Daisy, hiding !
* * * * *
Anyway, can't put it off any longer, have to
confess, that all did not go well in the workroom this week.
I was all set to post about finishing my crochet bunting.
Was congratulating myself and had taken 
the photos and everything.

 It was neatened, with all the ends sewn in.
 Ready for the next stage

When I spotted, THIS, on the floor!!

You can imagine my dismay!
The design, I have in mind, requires 11 triangles.
10 will DEFINITELY, not be enough.
What to do!
Nothing for it, I had to set to and fix it.
I undid one end of the long chain, after much fiddling, 
to try and find the ends. Attached the errant triangle,
with a row of double chain and finished the edging
to look like the rest. The trickiest bit was making
the chain at the end look good, as it was now 26 sts too short.

Pleased with the result. What do you think!
I'm ready to have fun with the design now.
I can smile at it now but so nearly 
 lost my sense of humour.
Still, to quote Kipling
"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same; " 
The words seem appropriate, for this D Day celebratory morning.
Hope you have lots of smiles this weekend!