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Saturday, 19 July 2014

'Do You Want to Know a Secret!'

It's raining, this morning, quite hard but not the
horrendous storms, the weatherman has been predicting ...yet!
This week, I am going to reveal what that 'Blissful' wool,
I showed last week is for.

I have a little secret, that I want to share with you.
To quote the 'Fab Four',
"I've known the secret for a week or two"
but the time was not right to tell.
I am going to be a grandmother, for the first time.
It is soooooooooo, exciting!
Naturally, I want to make the baby something special.
I last made this for my first born, many, many, years ago.
The pattern has been languishing in a folder but as I am
in love with all things fairisle ......
 I thought it was time to give it an airing.
Perfect for a January baby!
I've got plenty of time, so have decided to complete, my shawl.
Too may projects, on the needles, half finished!

As you can see, the two halves of the shawl are done.
I am now knitting the middle square, which connects them.
It is quite a job, juggling with all those stitches.
Not sure if I will have enough, deep purple wool,
to finish the job, necessitating another visit to the wool shop.
Oh dear, heh! heh!
The crochet bunting too, is a little present for the nursery. 
Made it to take, on a visit I am planning, in the next few weeks.
I proudly showed it to my neighbour. She duly
admired it for a few moments and then said,
"Does baby have two b's, I thought it only had one".
I was mortified! Me, who prides myself, on
my spelling and use of words .......
Took me a whole day to sort that one out.

That'll teach me!!
Hope it's not too wet where you are.
Have a great weekend everyone!