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Friday, 19 September 2014


This week, I thought I would write about the things
that influence my work.
My inspiration is based around the natural world.

Rust on a gatepost.

The grain on a wooden fence post.

Lichen 1.

Lichen 2.

Just a little glimpse into my 'raison d'ĂȘtre'!
and, before I go .......

The last rose of summer!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Grand Day Out!

This week, on Wednesday, in fact, Mr C suggested
that we have a day out. We haven't had a lot of spare cash
 lately to splurge on petrol but after selling my 
Mum's flat and all the trauma involved, we decided, 
we deserved a treat!

It wouldn't be as grand, as a trip to the moon but we had
been promising ourselves that we would drive around part of
the 'Grand Depart', cycle route.

It was a beautiful day. We packed the car, with maps, picnic
 and Daisy of course.

Here is a pictoral record of our trip!

We took a slight detour here. This is between Leyburn and Reeth.
Over the Army firing range but worth it ..... the heather was spectacular!

Below, is probably the most photographed view, of N. Yorkshire.
Gunnerside, with all it's drystone walls and little barns.

Autumn Hips and Haws.

Close up of, one of those little barns, which are so indicative of Yorkshire

Glimpse of a sunflower mosaic, which believe it or not, was the 
roof of a barn. The building being hidden in the dip.

 The last two pics, are of where we picnic'd.
On the side of Buttertubs Pass.

and that's it ......
A grand day out, you will agree!!
We were scenic'd out by the end of it.
Hope you have a fun trip planned, this weekend!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

" Like a Bird on a Wire".

"Oh like a bird on the wire, 
like a drunk in a midnight choir 
I have tried in my way to be free".

These lyrics by Leonard Cohen, my absolute
favourite, poet and songster, are very apt, this week!
It has felt quite Autumnal, here .....

The swallows are gathering on the telegraph wires, readying
themselves for their great annual migration, to Africa 
and ......
much to my surprise, I found a giant puffball (why do you never
have a camera when you need one), whilst out walking, Daisy.

Found this picture on the internet, so you can get some idea of, what
it looks like. It was huge, the size of a football.
It is delicious to eat, so I was dismayed to find that it
had gone brown and inedible. Maybe next year!!
My other allusion to the verse, is that I have been freed from a great
burden. My mother, who sadly passed away, over 5 years ago, left
me and my brother ( who also sadly died, very soon after), a flat, her home.
I have been trying to sell it, for all this time. It has been a terrible
worry, as it was leasehold and there were fees to pay on it, every 6 months.
As you can imagine, this extra financial burden was very difficult to fund.
Also, it meant the grief, from both losses, stayed at the forefront of my mind.
I won't dwell on it here any more but suffice it to say, that I can put that
 behind me and move on!

Thanks Mum! (that's her 2nd from right). 
She was the best and I miss her every day.
Craft wise, I made this, for a friend's birthday.

Hope she liked it!
Experimented, with a new flower brooch.

Its a Chrysanthemum.
 Made a Dorset button, for the middle, which is a new departure,
as I usually use vintage buttons.
I think it works though!
Found a couple of little gems, in a Charity Shop,
on an away day, with a friend.

This lovely little wooden bear. I bought it under the auspices,
 of purchasing it, for my new grandchild but now 
I've got it home, I'm not so sure......
Have fallen in love with him!!

My other little, naughtiness. 
Another tin, to add to my vast collection.
Can you see a colour theme, going on!
Both bought for pence but giving me lots of pleasure.
Well that's it for this week.
Hope the sun shines for you, this weekend!