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Saturday, 25 October 2014


The weather here has been very mixed this week.
Swinging between sunshine, rain and high winds and
sometimes all three at once!
It's been all systems go here, as we have been given
the opportunity to take the Pop-up Shop again.
 On our own this time.

My main job today, has been collating cards, envelopes and cellophane sleeves.
All 64 of them ..... job well done!
That's another thing ticked off the list.
Had fun, with a bit of retail therapy.

Purchased this tiny teapot.

An addition to my very small but growing collection.

Found this little knitted owl, finger puppet.

To add to the 'Pencil Top Gang'!
Picked up these three yarns to add to my stash .....

A very old cotton reel, loaded with green crochet cotton.

Some heathery coloured Jaeger Wool

A kop of peacock blue mohair wool.
Lots of possibilites in these!
Clocks go back tonight.
Looking forward to the nights drawing in.
I love the change in the seasons.
Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

This and That!

It's definitely been Autumnal here this week, the weather 
has been testament to that!
On Sunday we set off, in the early morning to
photograph Pen-y-Ghent and the mist in the valleys, for a 
new series of paintings Mr C. is planning.

Although the views looked promising from the top of Greenhow 

When we got to Grassington, the fog became impenetrable,
so reluctantly, we turned for home.
We ended up having our picnic on the kitchen table and
making the best of it, I spent an enjoyable day in my work room.
I was persuaded, by a neighbour to go to the GP about 
my finger, as she thought it might be broken.
The upshot is that, thankfully it isn't but I have torn all the
tendons and ligaments. Might take weeks to heal.
Oh, whoopy doo !
Making the best of it and have managed to do a bit of knitting.
Finished the main body of my baby sleeping bag.

As the baby, is going to be a little girl, I have chosen this
Laura Ashley fabric, from my stash, for the lining.

Think they go well together!
Finally a couple of pictures of my acquisitions of the week.

I was seduced by this box of springs. 
Only I could get excitied about such mundane objects !
Thought I could use them in my textiles. 
I love incorporating unusual objects in my work.

A bag of feathers .... a gift from a friend.
The colours are fabulous!
I am sure I can make good use of these.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 10 October 2014


This weeks blog post is a bit short and rambling. Mainly due 
to being limited by an injury, I sustained last Sunday.
I had such a fabulous time the week before, I suppose it's not 
to be wondered at, that I have come back to earth with a bump,

I took a tumble down that river bank, whilst out walking Daisy.
I am so accident prone, it's not true!!
The end result was that I dislocated
 (self diagnosis ... well I am a nurse after all),
the little finger of my left hand.
It's very painful, swollen, black and blue and no
use for doing very much.
Bother !!
 Meanwhile, Mr C, has installed, a multifuel burner,
in our front room.

We are taking advantage of the monies raised from
selling Mum's flat, to make a few improvements
to our daily living. He's done a great job and as you
can see ...... it's merrily burning away.
Just in time for the turn in the weather.
Managed to get in a little retail therapy,at my
favourite Charity shop.

 A rather garrish frame (but I love it), for the
bargain price of 99p
 and these ......

I think they were  a 'freebie' from a knitting magazine!

This is what they are for .... rather handy!
The little pink flower like studs are press studs, not buttons
as I initially thought. Knew I should have taken my glasses!
Not sure if I will use them but I am a sucker for
any knitting ephemera.
They will be absorbed into my vast collection.
Well that's it for me!
Not been able to do anything, in my work room, to share
with you this week. I'm down but definitely not out!

I think Ethel despairs, of me .......
Hope you have better luck this weekend!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

There and Back again!

I set off to blog yesterday but thought I'd just
update our website first, as Mr C has just sold some paintings.

This, being one of them.
(Bluebells and Wild Garlic)
A 5 minute job, or so I thought !!
Somehow, I completely messed up.
None of the links were working properly and I
completely lost the shop pages ........
After a few minutes of utter panic, I took a deep breath and set
about putting it right. Took all afternoon but I managed it,
thank goodness !!  Hit the OFF button after that, as I was exhausted.
So here I am this morning ....... trying again!
I have been absent from the 'blogosphere', for a couple of weeks,
as I have been away on a trip to see, my sons in Brighton.
I left Mr C looking after Daisy dog and let the train take the strain.
The visit has been much anticipated, as I haven't seen them in a while.
It's a long and complicated story of how they both ended up
in the same place and me in Yorkshire, as they grew up in Oxfordshire.
It was lovely to see them at the same time and that we could all be together.
I had a very special time and was spoiled and cossetted by both of them
and my youngest son's partner Izzy.
Here are a few memories to share with you!

 Fountain,  in one of the parks. As you can see 
the weather was glorious.

The famous Brighton Pier.

That small speck is my son, Henry, off for a swim, whilst I sat 
relaxing on the shore. 

These beautiful metal flowers were in a Homlessness Comunity
Centre, just outside Brighton. It had a secondhand shop, where we spent lots
of time mooching about and a lovely cafe.
Perfect for lunch!

This is the oldest dovecote in Sussex and is
at the bottom of Tom's (my eldest's), garden.

Couldn't resist taking a snap of my cappucino.
Loved the design! shame to drink it but it was delicious.

Buttons seemed to be the focus of my buying, both new and old.

Last but not least my crochet bunting, for the baby went down well.

Can you see it, hanging in the corner of Henry's front room?
There were a few tears at our parting but we had shared
 much fun, laughter and childhood memories.
These will be stored in my 'memory palace', to be taken out
and looked at many times in the future.
Thank you boys x x
Have a happy week, everyone !