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Sunday, 5 October 2014

There and Back again!

I set off to blog yesterday but thought I'd just
update our website first, as Mr C has just sold some paintings.

This, being one of them.
(Bluebells and Wild Garlic)
A 5 minute job, or so I thought !!
Somehow, I completely messed up.
None of the links were working properly and I
completely lost the shop pages ........
After a few minutes of utter panic, I took a deep breath and set
about putting it right. Took all afternoon but I managed it,
thank goodness !!  Hit the OFF button after that, as I was exhausted.
So here I am this morning ....... trying again!
I have been absent from the 'blogosphere', for a couple of weeks,
as I have been away on a trip to see, my sons in Brighton.
I left Mr C looking after Daisy dog and let the train take the strain.
The visit has been much anticipated, as I haven't seen them in a while.
It's a long and complicated story of how they both ended up
in the same place and me in Yorkshire, as they grew up in Oxfordshire.
It was lovely to see them at the same time and that we could all be together.
I had a very special time and was spoiled and cossetted by both of them
and my youngest son's partner Izzy.
Here are a few memories to share with you!

 Fountain,  in one of the parks. As you can see 
the weather was glorious.

The famous Brighton Pier.

That small speck is my son, Henry, off for a swim, whilst I sat 
relaxing on the shore. 

These beautiful metal flowers were in a Homlessness Comunity
Centre, just outside Brighton. It had a secondhand shop, where we spent lots
of time mooching about and a lovely cafe.
Perfect for lunch!

This is the oldest dovecote in Sussex and is
at the bottom of Tom's (my eldest's), garden.

Couldn't resist taking a snap of my cappucino.
Loved the design! shame to drink it but it was delicious.

Buttons seemed to be the focus of my buying, both new and old.

Last but not least my crochet bunting, for the baby went down well.

Can you see it, hanging in the corner of Henry's front room?
There were a few tears at our parting but we had shared
 much fun, laughter and childhood memories.
These will be stored in my 'memory palace', to be taken out
and looked at many times in the future.
Thank you boys x x
Have a happy week, everyone !