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Thursday, 16 October 2014

This and That!

It's definitely been Autumnal here this week, the weather 
has been testament to that!
On Sunday we set off, in the early morning to
photograph Pen-y-Ghent and the mist in the valleys, for a 
new series of paintings Mr C. is planning.

Although the views looked promising from the top of Greenhow 

When we got to Grassington, the fog became impenetrable,
so reluctantly, we turned for home.
We ended up having our picnic on the kitchen table and
making the best of it, I spent an enjoyable day in my work room.
I was persuaded, by a neighbour to go to the GP about 
my finger, as she thought it might be broken.
The upshot is that, thankfully it isn't but I have torn all the
tendons and ligaments. Might take weeks to heal.
Oh, whoopy doo !
Making the best of it and have managed to do a bit of knitting.
Finished the main body of my baby sleeping bag.

As the baby, is going to be a little girl, I have chosen this
Laura Ashley fabric, from my stash, for the lining.

Think they go well together!
Finally a couple of pictures of my acquisitions of the week.

I was seduced by this box of springs. 
Only I could get excitied about such mundane objects !
Thought I could use them in my textiles. 
I love incorporating unusual objects in my work.

A bag of feathers .... a gift from a friend.
The colours are fabulous!
I am sure I can make good use of these.
Have a great weekend everyone!