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Saturday, 15 November 2014


"Toad sat straight down in the middle of the dusty road, his legs stretched out before him, and stared fixedly in the direction of the disappearing motor-car. He breathed short, his face wore a placid satisfied expression, and at intervals he faintly murmured `Poop-poop!'"

I've started this post, with a quote from 
'Wind in the Willows', as it seemed appropriate!
Exciting times to be had, this week.
For a long time, Mr C. and I had been discussing a dream we both
share, of buying a Camper Van.
Thanks to the sale of my Mum's flat, that dream has become a reality.

Thank you Mum xx
We did lots of research and fell in love with one, in Pontypool, S. Wales,
half way across the country from here.
The journey, last Tuesday, was not without it's dramas!
Dreadful weather in the shape of wind and rain.
Traffic hold ups on the M1 and the dreaded M42.
Set off at 9am and didn't reach home until 10.30pm.
We were exhausted but exhilarated having bought

this beauty ..... A  Mazda Bongo!!
The name itself suggested it would be perfect for us.
Not come home with us yet. Mr C. is collecting it next week.
My youngest son, asked us if we were getting the 'A Team' back together.
Heh, heh!
Looking forward to lots of trips away next year, when Mr C has finished
putting in the cooker etc.
I think it will change our lives ..... so many possibilities.
The open road is beckoning!
The rest of the week, was a bit humdrum in comparison.
Did manage to do a bit of sewing.

Lined this little trug, with a vintage doily ...

Did it mainly, so that wool and threads would not catch on 
the rough edges. Really pleased with the result.
Found these items, which had to come home with me.

A box to add to my collection.

and this book, which was printed in the 1960's.
 I bought it because I loved the illustration, on the front.
It might prove useful, when our granddaughter arrives.
Mr C. has promised, that our first trip in the van will be to Brighton,
to see the baby, when she is born.
A happy prospect .....
Have a good weekend everyone!