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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Freeform and Baby Knitting!

I still don't seem to have settled down to regular posting.
 I have been so busy, helping to sort out Mr. C's latest commission.
A pair of metal gates to go with, the screen, he made last year.
It has taken up an inordinate amount of my time.
Also, a fantastic opportunity, has come our way.
We have been offered another shop, in Pateley Bridge High Street!
It's too good an opportunity to pass by so Grimaldi and Galloway will be
opening another gallery, in April.
Excited and daunted in equal measure!!
As to crafting things, I was inspired by a post written by Ali,
of Random Wooliness, about taking part in a huge piece of wall art
by famous Australian freeformer, Prudence Mapstone

This is my contribution. I found the most colourful wool, from my
stash. I already had the start of a flower (the red petals), which I abandoned
because it wasn't quite right. I also had the centre button like bit, 
which was my starting point. I then just played it by ear and set off.
Most is in crochet, except for the centre of the stem which is knitted.
Not sure if it will fit the bill, as I haven't used lots of fancy stitches
due to the lateness of finding out about the project.
It is as it is and is now winging its way to Australia.
As I mentioned Ali before, I must show you the lovely,
freeform heart, she made me when I told her about my becoming
a grandmother.

It's very beautiful and I treasure it and the message hidden 
in the little pocket. She is a very talented lady and we have
 become good friends through the magic of the 'blogosphere'!
Finished the little dress that I mentioned in my last blog post.

It has arrived in Brighton and they love it
 but have not yet received a picture of Maud wearing it.
However, I got a request for some booties and immediately
reached for the knitting needles.

These are the result and this is Maud, wearing them.

or at least, her legs .... heh! heh!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

'The Times They Are A Changing'!

This is by way of a personal post, which is not my usual style!
You may wonder, where I have disappeared to, over the last month.
January has been very cataclysmic, in all sorts of ways.
The big news is that my baby granddaughter, Maud has been born.

She arrived two weeks early, on the day Mr C. was going to deliver our car
to them. Typical of my son's humour ...... he texted us to say that,
his partner's waters had broken and Mr C. should bring plenty of towels! 
I am glad to say, all went well.

This is a photo of her in the baby bag I knitted, 
which although it is first size, is far too big for her. 
Her arrival, triggered an emotional maelstrom in me, which was very
 unexpected. I came to the sudden realisation, that both my sons were now
 'men', which seems obvious, as they are in their thirties and that 
my relationship with them was moving onto a different plane.
 It also brought thoughts of past dealings with my ex, to the fore, not
 dealt with, which sent me into a bit of a panic.
This manifested in physical symptoms and I wasn't very well for a
 couple of weeks. Hence my disappearance from the blogging scene!
All is well now and I went to Brighton, to see little Maud last week.
She is gorgeous and I am completely besotted.
I am in the process of knitting her this little dress.

Stitch me Softly...: Babygirl Dress - knitting pattern

So I will end, by welcoming Maud into our family.
Hope you have a happy and creative Sunday!