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Monday, 23 March 2015

Structure, Design and Form!

This week, I thought I would share with you, the books that 
I am finding inspirational, in the hope that you might find
something to inspire you too!
I am stuck with my stellar rug at the moment, as I can't have 
access to the overhead projector until Mr C's rib is healed sufficiently,
to rescue it from his studio.
One of my other loves, is freeform knitting and crochet.
Whilst looking for a knitting pattern, I came across this, which proved
very diverting .....

Written in the early 70's, it is a mine of information, 
using crochet to make 3D hangings and structures, whilst
also giving the basics.

These are examples of some of the shapes inside.....

and a finished piece that caught my eye!

The books that inspire my knitting are also quite vintage.

Two books by Mary Thomas, written in the 1930's.

I thought she only wrote about embroidery but I found these
in my favourite charity shop. They are in perfect condition and
have cream linen covers. They are crammed full of technical details.
Just what you need, when setting off on a journey of

Last but not least is this, by an American, Mary Walker Phillips.

She wrote this in the 80's and took knitting to an entirely different level.
Instead of functional garments, she made knitting into an art form.
It makes for a fascinating read!

These are two of the structured knitting pieces, that interest me.

I have already made a number of freeform pieces, using all sorts
of different materials, such as plastic

 ( one of my lichen series).
but there is always more to be learnt.
Enjoy your week, everyone!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


For the last few days, I have been hearing, the call of the
Curlew.  A harbinger of Spring, in these parts!
I walk Daisy, at around 7am. and this morning it was frosty but
absolutely beautiful.

I treasure these early morning, quiet times, when there is no one about.

It's been difficult at home, as Mr C. has broken a rib.
It's very debilitating and painful and of necessity a lot more has fallen
to me to do, so 'time out' has become more important.
I've managed a bit of time in my work room, although up till 
this week, inspiration has been a bit elusive.
I decided not to purchase any new wool, although I was sorely 
tempted, for the 'hap along', I mentioned in my last post.
I searched through my stash and came up with this .....

I bought it from a small producer at the Masham Sheep Fair.
It has delicate shades of pink and blue. Hope it will suit!
I have also found my inspiration for my new stellar rug.

The next step was to abstract, the elements of the picture that 
appealed to me and that I thought would give a pleasing result.
I drew it out and transferred it onto transparency film.

Just need to put it on the overhead projector, so I can blow it up
and draw it onto my hessian background.
Then the hard work begins ....... 
 'one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration'!
Heh! Heh!
Have a good week, everyone.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


A short post this week, as not much to report.
Been housebound due to our van being off the road.
Mr C. has a recurrence of his back troubles and hasn't been able to fix it.
Have had an enquiry about making a rug, along the lines of this one,

which I sold some while ago.  Beginning to plan it in my mind.
Sorry about the quality of this photo .... only one I could find!
Thinking of joining this hap-along, as I love Kate Davies patterns

and this shawl, in particular!
 Something to do, in the gallery, in an idle moment.
I have never joined in anything like this but thought I could give it a go.
There are some glorious colours in the suggested wool.
midnight owl

This one struck a chord. It's called 'Midnight Owl' and  is described
as being, painted with dark browns and greys with a touch of amber and gold.
Before I go, thought I'd share with you a photo of baby Maud, in the little crochet
dress, I made last week.

Doesn't she look sweet! It was a great success. They loved it
and it fit perfectly. She just needs some tights to keep her
little legs warm.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

You've got to Laugh!

Another busy week! 
Made a fundamental mistake with Mr C's commission.
His drawing was half scale and I forgot to double up
the measurements when I got it translated into files that the
Engineering Company could understand.
Luckily it was spotted before the gates were made.
Mr C. was very understanding and we had a bit of a giggle about it.
Not my area of expertise!
What is my area, is knitting but even that went somewhat awry.
Remeber that little dress for Maud, in my last post.

Well it didn't fit, the baby but it did fit......

her doll!
How could I ever think it would ...... ha! ha!
Not to be beaten I have set to, this week, got out
the crochet hook and made this!

Hope this is more successful.
Before I go, I must confess that although I joined Linda's
Stashbuster Party, quite some time ago, lamentably, I have failed again!
I have made loads of things but keep forgetting to weigh them.
Sorry Linda, will try and do better next month!