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Saturday, 7 March 2015


A short post this week, as not much to report.
Been housebound due to our van being off the road.
Mr C. has a recurrence of his back troubles and hasn't been able to fix it.
Have had an enquiry about making a rug, along the lines of this one,

which I sold some while ago.  Beginning to plan it in my mind.
Sorry about the quality of this photo .... only one I could find!
Thinking of joining this hap-along, as I love Kate Davies patterns

and this shawl, in particular!
 Something to do, in the gallery, in an idle moment.
I have never joined in anything like this but thought I could give it a go.
There are some glorious colours in the suggested wool.
midnight owl

This one struck a chord. It's called 'Midnight Owl' and  is described
as being, painted with dark browns and greys with a touch of amber and gold.
Before I go, thought I'd share with you a photo of baby Maud, in the little crochet
dress, I made last week.

Doesn't she look sweet! It was a great success. They loved it
and it fit perfectly. She just needs some tights to keep her
little legs warm.
Have a great weekend everyone!