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Sunday, 1 March 2015

You've got to Laugh!

Another busy week! 
Made a fundamental mistake with Mr C's commission.
His drawing was half scale and I forgot to double up
the measurements when I got it translated into files that the
Engineering Company could understand.
Luckily it was spotted before the gates were made.
Mr C. was very understanding and we had a bit of a giggle about it.
Not my area of expertise!
What is my area, is knitting but even that went somewhat awry.
Remeber that little dress for Maud, in my last post.

Well it didn't fit, the baby but it did fit......

her doll!
How could I ever think it would ...... ha! ha!
Not to be beaten I have set to, this week, got out
the crochet hook and made this!

Hope this is more successful.
Before I go, I must confess that although I joined Linda's
Stashbuster Party, quite some time ago, lamentably, I have failed again!
I have made loads of things but keep forgetting to weigh them.
Sorry Linda, will try and do better next month!