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Sunday, 26 April 2015

My 'Spark' is relit!

Woke up yesterday, to a beautiful morning and the 
return, I am glad to say, of my Inspiration!

Although we still have no transport, a kind neighbour offered
Mr C. the use of his van for the weekend, so work on the gallery had begun.

I was taken there this morning, early, for a quick peek.
Very exciting to see it taking shape!
The best thing about this weekend has been, having the house to myself.
After finishing all my household tasks, I went off for a day in my work room.
Although I have not been idle of late, knitting and crocheting a plenty,
my true creativity has been sadly lacking.
So you can imagine my joy, when I woke yesterday with my mind
buzzing with lots of ideas.
A quick coffee in the garden looking at Mr C's new sculpture

for inspiration and I was away!
I have been struggling for over a year on how to mount one of my recent 
textile pieces.

I have needle felted threads and silk on pale grey scrim. Free machine embroidered it in parts
and attached pieces of dyed newspaper, beads and buttons.
I am drapping it over a strip of copper and attaching it to 
a piece of mount board. Delighted to have found the solution, after all this time!
Also made this,

to finish off a little bag, to go in the gallery.

 Made a smaller version for the front.

Hope you've found your spark, this weekend!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Set Back!

This week's tale is full of woe!
We have really been put to the test, in the last few months.
Definitely a case of, one step forward and several back.
I want to apologise here in advance. I have not been keeping 
up with reading all the blogs, I follow.
I seem to have lost my joie de vivre!
Our van, that we thought was fixed is not ....
Mr C. took it out on a longer test drive and it failed.
A much more serious and looks like expensive fault!!
So it's back to 'shanks pony' for me.

Anyway, Daisy's happy about life.

Can you spot the Celandine's, nestling in the grass!
Also spotted some Ransomes and  Wood Anemones ....

Our gallery plans have been set back again, until our transport is fixed.
It is so frustrating but have decided to be positive.
These things are sent to try us!
Lastly, the hap I have been knitting has hit a snag.
The wool I was using proved to be unsuitable.
Have started again .... it's a bit bright and the colours 
probably not to everyone's taste .......

I'm liking it though! I couldn't afford to purchase more wool,
even though I was very tempted, so had to make use of what I had.
Do you think Ethel will like it!
Will be more up beat next time, I promise.
Have a good week, everyone!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

This Week!

This week, the weather has been gorgeous!

Took this, this morning on the early dog walk.
I love the trees, reflected in the water.
I'm glad to say that, Mr C. has recovered enough
to fix our van, so we are back on the road again.
This week, or should I say, last week now, I managed
to spend some time making things in my studio.

Dorset buttons!

A crochet flower brooch!

An I phone case,
I had to purchase the phone to run a chip and pin reader,
 for the gallery. Mr C was so taken with it, that he 
suggested I made some more to sell. So.........

Lastly, it was cast on day for the 'hap along' on Friday.

It wasn't without it's difficulties though.
I came upon an abbreviation I'd never used before.
'ssk' (Slip,slip knit). I took it literally and used three stitches,
then of course ran out! Off the needles and started again.
Researched the term on this great website I found and it turns out
you have to slip 2 stitches and then knit them together.
Silly me!!
Been a very busy week, culminating in the 
Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.
Having lived in Oxford for many years, we were rooting
 for them and they didn't disappoint.
Have a good weekend, or what's left of it!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

The weather is on the turn, this weekend
and Spring is in the air!
Mr C. is showing definite signs of improvement and has
managed a few jobs around the house.
Still no transport though, which has been challenging,
to say the least! 
These egg filled, Easter chicks were given to me to celebrate the day.

The one on the left, is sporting a Yorkshire flat cap!
My favourite thing by far was this little gem,

from Ali, from Random Wooliness. It was nestled inside a lovely
hand made card. I loved the colours and shape and it sent
my mind into a whirl of exciting ideas!
It reminded me of an ammonite and I saw all sots of possibilities for it being
part of a much larger piece of freeform crochet.
So watch this space!
Spent yesterday Spring cleaning my work room, which was a very
 arduous task but well worth the effort. Rearranged some of the furniture
and its much more user friendly.
Hoping it will spur me into spending more time in there.
Inspiration has been sadly lacking over the past few months.
Am in the process of making something special for a friend's
birthday, though! Can't share it with you yet, in case she sees it.
It only remains to wish you all, a very Happy Easter!