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Sunday, 26 April 2015

My 'Spark' is relit!

Woke up yesterday, to a beautiful morning and the 
return, I am glad to say, of my Inspiration!

Although we still have no transport, a kind neighbour offered
Mr C. the use of his van for the weekend, so work on the gallery had begun.

I was taken there this morning, early, for a quick peek.
Very exciting to see it taking shape!
The best thing about this weekend has been, having the house to myself.
After finishing all my household tasks, I went off for a day in my work room.
Although I have not been idle of late, knitting and crocheting a plenty,
my true creativity has been sadly lacking.
So you can imagine my joy, when I woke yesterday with my mind
buzzing with lots of ideas.
A quick coffee in the garden looking at Mr C's new sculpture

for inspiration and I was away!
I have been struggling for over a year on how to mount one of my recent 
textile pieces.

I have needle felted threads and silk on pale grey scrim. Free machine embroidered it in parts
and attached pieces of dyed newspaper, beads and buttons.
I am drapping it over a strip of copper and attaching it to 
a piece of mount board. Delighted to have found the solution, after all this time!
Also made this,

to finish off a little bag, to go in the gallery.

 Made a smaller version for the front.

Hope you've found your spark, this weekend!