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Sunday, 12 April 2015

This Week!

This week, the weather has been gorgeous!

Took this, this morning on the early dog walk.
I love the trees, reflected in the water.
I'm glad to say that, Mr C. has recovered enough
to fix our van, so we are back on the road again.
This week, or should I say, last week now, I managed
to spend some time making things in my studio.

Dorset buttons!

A crochet flower brooch!

An I phone case,
I had to purchase the phone to run a chip and pin reader,
 for the gallery. Mr C was so taken with it, that he 
suggested I made some more to sell. So.........

Lastly, it was cast on day for the 'hap along' on Friday.

It wasn't without it's difficulties though.
I came upon an abbreviation I'd never used before.
'ssk' (Slip,slip knit). I took it literally and used three stitches,
then of course ran out! Off the needles and started again.
Researched the term on this great website I found and it turns out
you have to slip 2 stitches and then knit them together.
Silly me!!
Been a very busy week, culminating in the 
Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.
Having lived in Oxford for many years, we were rooting
 for them and they didn't disappoint.
Have a good weekend, or what's left of it!