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Saturday, 9 May 2015

An Apple A Day!

The weather has been very mixed this week!
Torrential rain last night but yesterday, it was a different story.

The field below my house is full of dandelions.
A carpet of yellow!
Can you spot Daisy's ear (bottom right).
She got home with bright yellow feet from running through it.
She looked so funny!

Spring is really springing, as you can see from 
the leaves on this tree on the river bank.
I am still busy making for the gallery, which we are hoping
to open next week.
I have added to my pin cushion fruit bowl.

An apple, which I am particularly pleased with.

a Pumpkin.

 then there were three!
Really had fun making these, a welcome diversion from
all the organisational things, which go together with opening a shop.
The nitty gritty is left to me while Mr C. has been
 painting and cleaning the space.
The dynamics work well and is what makes us a good partnership!
 Ethel wanted me to tell you, she is really looking forward to going 
back to work.

She has been complaining of feeling a bit lonely
 in my work room, lately.
Have a great weekend everyone!