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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An Unlikely Combination!

I am very excited! This weekend we are off to our friend's 60th
birthday party, which happens to be at this Music Festival!

Despite the fact that I thought it was the following weekend
and that our van is terminally ill (but that's another story
for another day), we are actually going .....
We have been having so many trials this year, what with one thing 
and another, we thought this might be our only chance to get away
so we are going for it !!
I have managed to find someone to look after the gallery,
 hired a van and on Thursday we will be 
heading South!
It's years since I have been to a festival, so I will literally and 
metaphorically, be letting my hair down.
 'Now for something completely different' .....
For the last week I have been making a bag.
I have been using crochet and have adapted a pattern
by Lucy, from Attic 24

I have finished the main body.
It's in three colours, rust, cream and a grey brown.

One of my adaptations, is to make a small flap, with a buttonhole,
to keep the bag secure

This is one of the handles, which I have made to look like
the centre pattern of the main body.

I have chosen the button

and the lining material.
It only remains for me to make the second handle
and to finish it off.
Won't have the time this week though .....
I've got a party to go to.
Heh! heh!
Have a good week everyone!

Monday, 22 June 2015

It's Been a While!

It's been a while since I last wrote a post!
I somehow exceeded my download limit last month,
so I was stymied.
The countryside is looking particularly beautiful at the
moment, even though the weather is not up to much!

The May blossom is blooming.

The buttercups are thriving in the fields

the Clemetis growing up the barn is looking particularly 
Have had a visit from my granddaughter, Maud, now 5 months old.

Our gallery has been open for a few weeks
and is taking up most of my time.

Mr C. has painted this beautiful sign to entice
people up the street.
Inside, there are new paintings to see.

 I have been sourcing little bits and pieces,

as well as finishing off my knitted items

and filling our glass cabinet.

Very posh ...... heh! heh!
Have a  good week everyone!