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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


My posts seem to be very erratic of late!
I have so many calls on my time that I seem to
go online less and less. Working in the
gallery, five days a week doesn't leave much time
for anything else and on my days off I am busy making.
Anyway today I was determined to set aside a little time 
for writing this.
The sun is shining and I spotted these Harebells on my 
morning Daisy walk.

They are one of my favourite wild flowers.
I love their delicacy and I was reminded of the illustration
in, 'The Flower Fairies' book.

I had a great time at the Blissfields music festival.
The van we hired turned out to be much larger than we anticipated.

It was the size of the Starship Enterprise inside and Mr C.
said it was like driving a shed on wheels!
Daisy behaved impeccably .... it being her first foray into the 
camping experience.

We were camped in this field and you can glimpse the festival site in the
background. The weather was amazing and James enjoyed his 60th immensely!
We came home feeling re-energised for having a break.
This week I wanted to share a couple of projects I have been working on.
One of my strengths is that I have a good eye for articles, such as
scarves and bags, that I think I can add something to, to make
them my own.
 A silk scarf that I sewed crochet flowers to, in matching colours.

I found this linen mix two-toned pink Benneton scarf in the Charity Shop.
I made lots and lots of crochet flowers

and am in the process of attaching them.

Pleased with it so far!
Then there is this grey felt bag.

I have sewn on some Mother of Pearl buttons to suggest a flower.

Linda do you recognise the little buttons!
A small piece of green felt helps complete the illusion.

Before I go.... I decided to replace the lining for the bag
I posted about last time, with something far more 'zingy'

Very happy that I did!
Back to work tomorrow ....
Have a good week everyone!