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Monday, 27 May 2013

UFO's or unfinished objects!

Had an idea for a new workshop, to be called UFO. 
All participants to bring in an unfinished textile to work on.  
Could be great fun.  An opportunity to swap ideas and expertise.
This brought to mind my nemesis, the 'elephant in the room'.
I've been working on it, off and on for the last two years and I am glad
and relieved to say the main body of it is now complete...

Scource image
  Lichens are a great inspiration for my work.  This photograph
was given me by a friend and I was immediately captivated and wanted
to translate it into fabric and thread.

area of fabric strips

close up of fabric strips with flat area.
I chose rug canvas as the background, which in retrospect was
completely the wrong decision, but once I had started,
 I was commited and had to work with it.
There are large areas of shaggy strips of fabric, interspersed
with flat areas of machine knitting.

aerial view

Put in the last strip last week. 
 Now for the final stages. 
It needs shaping, both the strips of fabric and the whole outline. 
 I'm on the last leg and have rediscovered my love affair with it.
 I never quite know how my work is going to turn out until it's finished. 
 It leads me, not I it.