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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

A Moment of Understanding

Starting my post today, with a glimpse into my studio space, which is
 appropriate, as I spend many hours, whiling away the time in there.
Inevitably, I have had lots of time to reflect on my practice .....
Over the weeks I have come to the realisation, that it doesn't matter what
technique I use, my work takes on the same form.
It's difficult to put into words, which is why I have taken so long 
to write this.  Instead as, " a picture is worth a thousand words", 
I will use photos of my work to illustrate.

Multiform Crochet

Knotting (Using macrame stitches)

Soft Sculpture

Textile (using embellishing and needle weaving on found object)

Rag Rug (Using needle weaving on edge)


Grids (free machine embroidery)

I could provide many more examples but what does all this say ....
I might just have found my voice!
Stay safe and happy stitching.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Food for Thought

I was posed a question following my last post. What is the new normal?
                    Mmmm! food for thought ... the dictionary definition of normal is: 
                     Conforming to a regular pattern, habitual, routine. In that respect
life hasn't changed for me at all. I get up more or less the same time,
                 perform my everdyay tasks, walk our dog, Daisy and spend time in my studio. 
            I keep in contact with friends and family via social media, telephone and Facetime,
                   which I must admit has become a life-line. Outside my bubble however things are very different but as the months have gone on, have become routine in themselves. 
               To stop myself becomming overwhelmed, I tend to concentrate on living in the moment,  taking pleasure in the little things and counting my blessings, which are many. 
Stitching gives me time to think and reflect. The slow process seems to 
free my mind to wander .....  not always a good thing!!!

The proverb on the frontispiece of one of my vintage sewing books seems 
apt. Words I have been mindful of during this time, although I have
 been the one learning. I took advantage of an opportunity to join the
 TextileArtist.orgCommunityChallenge2020 ... 7 weeks of stitch challenges
from world-renowned textile artists, exploring techniques and sharing 
the results. This had the effect of shaking me out of the inertia, 
 brought about by the pandemic and it's possible implications.The tasks took
 me out of my comfort zone and helped me adapt. I learnt a lot
and enjoyed interacting with like-minded people.

Began a book, which serves as a reference guide,stitches used, materials, 
my experiments etc. and helps me to map the slow progression 
of the weeks.

Week 5 (Emily Jo Gibbs)

Week 4 (Richard McVetis)
So lucky to receive the benefit of their expertise for free.

This inspired me to carry on with small pieces of my own work.

Week 9 Concrete Poetry (postcard size)

We are now in Week 20 and I have got my mojo back. 
Will leave you with an image of the piece I am working on now.

Stay safe, keep calm and carry on.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

It's Been a Very Long Time

It has indeed been a very, very long time since I have shared anything.
Our lives have moved on and the world has changed! 
It is hard to express why I stopped blogging. It just seemed at the time 
that words failed me and I had nothing to say.
All that changed with the publishing of our new website this week. I've always wanted to put a blog on the site and now I can. Mind you, I'm finding this new Blogger format difficult to use, so I may regret my decision. I can't seem to access either the right or left sidebar for editing. If anyone out there can give me any tips, I would be grateful.
So, what's been happening with us over the last five years ......
We gave up our gallery in Pateley Bridge a while ago now but as you know artists never retire, they just fade away! 
In the pic above Ethel is wearing a vintage fairisle jumper which I have darned and rebuilt. One of my new big passions is the Visible Mending Movement. I've always been into recycling and reusing so this fits my ethos perfectly. I love the slow, meditative rhythmn of the stitching and putting new learned techniques into practice. Also I've got something new to wear on cold winter days, so it's a win, win!
Not going to write too much today, just 'dipping my toe in the water'. 
We are still Shielding from the dreaded virus until the end of this month and then we'll see. We lead a pretty isolated life so it's not been too bad. Waiting to see about a hip replacement and that's been a bit of a trial. Not keen to go into a hospital setting just yet, so trying to make the best of my limited mobility. Enjoying more studio time and for starting these posts up again.

This picture says it all!
Stay safe and happy stitching everyone.

Monday, 17 August 2015

An Eclectic Mixture!

It's a glorious morning here in our corner of North Yorkshire.

Spotted this small flock of sheep on my early morning 'Daisy' walk.
This weekend Pateley Bridge, hosted a 1940's event.
It was amazing all the visitors and there were hundreds, got into
the spirit of things and dressed for the occasion.

 The shops were issued sandbags and their windows taped.

Our gallery was no exception.

Great fun was had by all!
On a personal note, I  finished the little hat for my 

It's very cute,..... can't wait to see what it looks like on.
Also found this little raincoat, to add to the parcel.

Before I go, I must share with you my find of the week.
An old sewing box was by the bin outside the Charity shop.
On enquiring I was told that I could have it, as it was too scratched
to sell. When I got home and opened it ......

this is what I found! An absolute cornucopia.
The cottons alone, were exquisite. 
I'm still investigating all the bits an pieces.
Obviously some old lady's treasured possession.
I am glad it didn't go out with the rubbish.
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Week in Pictures!

Thought I'd try something different in this post.
Mostly photos, with very little text.

Weeping Buddlea looking magnificent in the garden.

Newly emerged butterfly, snapped on a walk with Daisy.

Finished the Fingerless Mittens.

Made this Dorset Button Brooch

On Saturday I sold one of Justin's paintings.

Yesterday, on one of my days off, 
I .....

purchased a pattern to knit my granddaughter this hat.

Hasn't she grown!

Today the wool arrived. Excellent service from
'Love Knitting' I only ordered it yesterday and
 being a first order with them,
 I got a 10% discount and  free delvery.
Very impressed!

This morning, I upcycled a velour scarf,
which I purchased in the Charity Shop, last week.
I embellished it with colourful silk fibres.
Very pleased with the result.
When I look back I seem to have had a very busy time.
Enjoy your week everyone!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


My posts seem to be very erratic of late!
I have so many calls on my time that I seem to
go online less and less. Working in the
gallery, five days a week doesn't leave much time
for anything else and on my days off I am busy making.
Anyway today I was determined to set aside a little time 
for writing this.
The sun is shining and I spotted these Harebells on my 
morning Daisy walk.

They are one of my favourite wild flowers.
I love their delicacy and I was reminded of the illustration
in, 'The Flower Fairies' book.

I had a great time at the Blissfields music festival.
The van we hired turned out to be much larger than we anticipated.

It was the size of the Starship Enterprise inside and Mr C.
said it was like driving a shed on wheels!
Daisy behaved impeccably .... it being her first foray into the 
camping experience.

We were camped in this field and you can glimpse the festival site in the
background. The weather was amazing and James enjoyed his 60th immensely!
We came home feeling re-energised for having a break.
This week I wanted to share a couple of projects I have been working on.
One of my strengths is that I have a good eye for articles, such as
scarves and bags, that I think I can add something to, to make
them my own.
 A silk scarf that I sewed crochet flowers to, in matching colours.

I found this linen mix two-toned pink Benneton scarf in the Charity Shop.
I made lots and lots of crochet flowers

and am in the process of attaching them.

Pleased with it so far!
Then there is this grey felt bag.

I have sewn on some Mother of Pearl buttons to suggest a flower.

Linda do you recognise the little buttons!
A small piece of green felt helps complete the illusion.

Before I go.... I decided to replace the lining for the bag
I posted about last time, with something far more 'zingy'

Very happy that I did!
Back to work tomorrow ....
Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An Unlikely Combination!

I am very excited! This weekend we are off to our friend's 60th
birthday party, which happens to be at this Music Festival!

Despite the fact that I thought it was the following weekend
and that our van is terminally ill (but that's another story
for another day), we are actually going .....
We have been having so many trials this year, what with one thing 
and another, we thought this might be our only chance to get away
so we are going for it !!
I have managed to find someone to look after the gallery,
 hired a van and on Thursday we will be 
heading South!
It's years since I have been to a festival, so I will literally and 
metaphorically, be letting my hair down.
 'Now for something completely different' .....
For the last week I have been making a bag.
I have been using crochet and have adapted a pattern
by Lucy, from Attic 24

I have finished the main body.
It's in three colours, rust, cream and a grey brown.

One of my adaptations, is to make a small flap, with a buttonhole,
to keep the bag secure

This is one of the handles, which I have made to look like
the centre pattern of the main body.

I have chosen the button

and the lining material.
It only remains for me to make the second handle
and to finish it off.
Won't have the time this week though .....
I've got a party to go to.
Heh! heh!
Have a good week everyone!