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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A rose by any other name.

This week, in the gallery,  I have been preparing for
 Yorkshire Day, on Thursday 1st August.
Decided I would make a Yorkshire Rose and thought it
would look best in crochet (see below)

I was pleased with the result but then there was the problem 
of how to display it. 

Mounted it onto a piece of vintage fabric and embroidered 
'A Yorkshire Rose' in chain stitch.  Especially pleased with
the hanger.  I made a rouleau in matching fabric with a
pale blue vintage lace edge and secured it with 1930's
buttons.  Never tried that before but very satisfied with
the result.

I felt the piece was too floppy so finished it off by backing it 
with white felt and slightly stuffing it.
Et voila .... A Yorkshire Rose is born!