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Monday, 16 September 2013

Last Rose of Summer and Vintage Finds

As you enter the back door of our cottage, facing you is  a niche.
  This is our homage to 'the great god Sod' (who comes to call ocassionally)
 and the household gods (seen on the left of the flowers).
We keep it clothed in fresh flowers.  
Yesterday's offering includes the last of our  roses, 
which ramble round our front door.

Sunday's, now I am not working, are a time for pottering
in my studio and having a bit of a sort out.
Trying to find a place for the Vintage finds,
 lately procurred.

Two little hand embroidered pieces, which I absolutely love.
Found in a house clearance and donated to me.
Does this qualify me to be a member of B.A.D. Eco Ethel?
This being only the tip of the iceberg!


Next, came these little tins, adorable.
I have a huge collection, one of my many weaknesses.
  Found these two little beauties at our local charity shop.
 They are now nestling among the others, each
filled and fulfilling a new purpose.

I've saved the best till last.
I am totally in love with bakelite. 
The little collar stud box, I purchased from my favourite
charity shop. It is being used to house my knitting stitch markers.
Upcycling at it's best but pride of my collection .....

This lovely beehive yarn holder, which I won on ebay for
a very resonable price. I had been watching these for
months but had never managed to find one that I could afford.
Finally, persistance was rewarded.  I was exhillarated and excited
when the postman delivered it. It is so small and perfect and lives
on the dresser in my studio.
I'm a very lucky girl and that's official !!