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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Turning of the Year

Today we have arrived at 'the Turning of the Year', the Autumn Equinox.
On a Sunday too! 
 I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them.  A day for
reflection on the week past and rest from onerous tasks.
 This week, being, the online shop.
It's a lovely day, in North Yorkshire, blue skies.
  Thought I might share with you the view
 from my studio window 

and ......
the little friends that share the space with me.
Meet ...

The 'Barbie' girls. 

'Joe the clown',
liberated from the Charity Shop.

'Old Fred',
not made by me but a gift from a friend.

'The Wool Gang ',
protectors of my stash.

'Valentine Bear',
given to me on that special day, by my
special man.

The 'Pencil Top Mob'

Collection of little figures that caught my eye. 

'Pruedence', dear friend of Ethel,
who gets to try on my hats..... lucky girl.

Lastly I'd better explain about the studio thing.
Sounds a bit pretentious to call it that. Perhaps,
work room  would be more appropriate.
I suppose that's what living with an artist does for you.
He has one 
When in Rome !!!!
Postscript:  So excited, had my first sale on Etsy.