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Thursday, 21 November 2013

As I Was Walking

It seemed appropriate to name this post
'As I Was Walking', which also happens to be the
title of one of my textile pieces.

It's been a lovely week, here in North Yorkshire.
It's true it's rained but mostly, at night. 
I have been out and about taking photos of where
we live, decked out, in all it's Autumnal finery.

This is a view of the village, where we live.
You can see the church spire in the distance, among the trees.
I love hearing the clock in the distance, chiming the hour.

lots of 'hips and haws'.

All the photos where taken on my usual dog walking route,
through the fields surrounding our cottage.
The trees are amazing this year.
Almost unreal.

This is of necessity, a short post , as my friend, Sally, 
is still here and my first Craft Stall date, is almost upon me.
It's this Sunday, in fact.
Am I ready ?
I think so.....
Am I nervous ?
Definitely .....
Looking forward to the challenge though!
Here are the last few items, waiting to be packed.


Wish me luck !
Have a great weekend everyone.