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Friday, 6 December 2013

All in a Spin

Everything this week has put us in a spin, including the weather.
On Monday, the view from my bedroom window,
looked like this.

On Thursday, it was a different story.

'Stormy weather', as the song says.
 Reality struck at the start of the week.
Our outgoings are not keeping up with 
our incomings. The boiler packing up 
again, has put the 'tin lid' on it.
We were in a whirl!
Nothing for it, I have to get a day job.
Trawled the net, over the next few days. Found a post that
appealed to me, that I thought I could do and applied forwith.
Feel better for having done something positive about our situation.
Have to wait and see.
Wedsnesday, found me in the Charity Shop.
My first solo shift. I really enjoyed the experience. 

Found this little beauty, to add to my large box collection. 
Love the little drawers. It will be so useful, or so I tell myself.
A thread running all week, behind the scenes,
has been WOOL, namely; the sorting; carding;
and spinning of sheep fleeces, of which,
I have a few!!
 My partner and I, have spent an
hour almost every day, carding .

This is the carding machine, set up in our kitchen.
Looks medieval..... have to watch your fingers!
The spikes, on the rollers, are quite fierce.

Basket of rolags, ready for spinning. 
In this case from a Herdwick sheep.

My spinning wheel. 
I'm not very good yet but I love doing it. 
Will gets lots of practice over the winter months.

Amongst all this frantic activity, there's Christmas presents 
to finish, for posting. That's the most important thing for me.
Don't want lots of disappointed faces on the big day.
A pompom, to go on top of
one of the prezzies and the first sock finished.
Phew! Difficult to keep all the balls in the air.
Before I go, I must apologise for the quality of some
of my photos. The light in my workroom
 has not been the best, this week.
I would also like to thank all the lovely peolple,
who have been sharing my posts.
It means so much.
Have a good weekend.