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Thursday, 19 December 2013

'Mr' Christmas Has Come To Our House!

'Mr' Christmas, not to be confused with, that
venerable gentleman, Father Christmas,
has worked his magic.

In our house, I decorate the tree.

It is not a tree, in the conventional sense but a
collection of Buddleia branches with a few pieces
of the pine tree, we have pruned, around the bottom.
It's filled with lots of memories from Christmas's gone by.

I came home, yesterday from my stint in the Charity Shop,
to find this .............

My lovely man, Mr C, had waved his magic wand
and transformed our house.
If you look very closely you can see me in the mirror.
'looking out, looking in'.
The kitchen, is the hub of our home.
Let me take you on a tour!

It's an 'Ivy' Christmas, this year.

The cherubs above the cooker, are dancing!

Each toy has his own bauble to hold!

and the 'chilli' lights are framing the window.
The presents have been made, wrapped and 
posted off to loved ones, near and far.
The cards have been written and the decorations are up. 
I think we're almost ready for the festivities to commence.

Before I go, I must show you, yesterday's find.
This little cardboard box.
I opened it, to reveal .............

these little beauties.
It was love at first sight!!
Wherever you are,
hope your festive preparations are going well?