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Friday, 13 December 2013

The Party Tree

We've arrived at Friday again, the 13th, in fact.
Unlucky for some!
Christmas is coming fast, less than 2 weeks 
to go until the Big Day!
This post is mostly, pictorial.
A snapshot of my week, so to speak.

The 'Party Tree' 
( homage to Bilbo Baggins, 111st b'day party)
This is to be found on our Village Green.
All lit up for Christmas. 

Last Saturday, found me entering
the craft stall arena again.

What a different experience.  
The hall looked festive, the atmosphere was welcoming
 and the people, very friendly.

There were some great stalls. 
In particular, I would like to mention Ruda, 
whose shop on Etsy, has some lovely
beaded and soutash jewellery

Had a great time and made new friends.

Fell for this little 'busy bee', finger puppet
who came home with me, to join the 'Pencil Top Mob'.

Spun wool,  skeined and plyed.
Collins, book about fungae, on my desk.
Latest find at my 'favourite store'.

Yesterday's sunrise, taken from my garden.
One with flash and one without.

Must go..... lots still to be done.
Rumour has it, that the decorations are going up
very, very soon. 
Can't wait!
I love Christmas!
Have a great weekend everyone.