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Friday, 31 January 2014

A Week of Two Halves.

The week started off, in a very sad way.
On Saturday, our lovely dog, Gemma,
went to that 'great dog home in the sky!'
She has been our true and faithful friend and companion,
for many years.

On a lighter note .......
Mr C. and I are part of a Pop-Up Shop, in Harrogate.
A great opportunity, which we grabbed with both hands.
I took all my stuff over to one of the exhibitors and jokingly
said to 'let me know if you sell anything, as it's up on Etsy as well'
and .............
Blow me down! Found myself going back next day, having sold 

I think that's called, 'sods law'!
Finished the flyer for my classes on crochet and 
have been asked to make a garter for a friend's wedding.
'something blue'
Picked up some lace, this week. There's a piece there
 perfect for that project, don't you think!

The wool arrived for the fairisle sweater and after
a faltering start, I've begun.

It's lovely and bright. Looks a bit like tartan, I think.
Very appropriate, as it's a Scot, I'm knitting it for.
I think that's it, for this week!
A sad start but lot's of positives too!
I'll close with another photo of Gemma, watching
me work.

You will be greatly missed x

Have a lovely creative weekend, everyone!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Blog Day 2014

Welcome to my blog!
I am a relative 'newbie', to this blogging thing
but I love it.
It's like keeping a diary but in cyberspace.
I've made new friends, with similar interests
and had a glimpse into their lives.
It's inspirational!!
I am a maker of things, living in N. Yorkshire
with my artist, partner, Mr. C
and of course, my glamerous assistant and friend,

Lazy Daisy Jones: Grow Your Blog!

Lazy Daisy Jones: Grow Your Blog!: Today I am joining a "grow your blog" day. Hosted by the very generous and hard working Vicki at 2 bags full blog ! T...

Friday, 24 January 2014

A Trip to the Isles

The  sunshine has been, 'as rare as hen's teeth, this week.
I did manage to snap this, on Wednesday, from the kitchen window.

and .......
 the first signs of Spring appearing in the garden.

These hellibores are nodding in the sunshine.
They are so beautiful but not for picking.
* * *
My news this week, is bound up with the Shetland Isles.
My shawl is progressing, slowly, it must be said.

Also, I've been comissioned to knit a Fairisle sweater.

Met with the recipients on Tuesday and spent a happy afternoon
visiting the Shetlands, via the net, choosing the wool.



These are the colours, they chose.
I'm excitedly waiting for it to arrive and have been making prepartions.

Found a basket to hold the project and lined it with
this pretty, vintage doily.
So, I'm ready and waiting for the off!!!
Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

January Rainbows

It's pouring with rain (again!), this morning
but earlier in the week,

I got the rainbow effect, in my workroom.
It was so warm and cosy in there, it could have
 been Spring!  Oops, shouldn't mention
the 'S' word yet as I'm sure winter, still has 
a few tricks up her sleeve.
I reached a watershed, in my life this week.
 Sounds dramatic, I know but it was very unexpected
 and unsettling. It happened, when I went for my interview,
on Monday. There was a mix up with the time, so I sat
in the entrance lobby watching people coming and going.
 The meeting went well and I knew the position was made for me.
The trouble was, I realised that I wasn't made for it.
I'm not that person anymore. I have moved on!
Readers, I didn't take the job.
Mr C. was very supportive and respected my decision.
While I was in Knaresborough, I had a little spend.

A ball of wool, to add another colour to my Shetland Shawl

Millie, my new (secondhand to me), French Knitting Doll.
Isn't she cute!
The rest of the week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur.
Did my usual Charity Shop stint and met, a finger puppet.

Looby Loo, who wanted to come home with me.
and .....

A big bag of buttons.
 These are my favourites.

Other possiblities have come my way this week.
Not to be discussed here yet, as I don't want to jinx them.
At the end of the week, I am left feeling a little
 bit guilty but a lot happier.
Change is in the air!
A quote, that I read, seems appropriate.
'When one door closes, another door opens'.
The weekend starts here.
Enjoy it everyone!

Friday, 10 January 2014


 This week, a little 'play', was in order, before I buckle down 
to the real world. Next Monday afternoon, I have a job interview.
gulp ...........
On Tuesday, I had my monthly, 
J.A.M. (initials of members) session.
We are a small group of like-minded friends,
who meet up once a month to exchange, news, ideas
and inspiration. This month, we had a trip out to Otley.

It was a lovely day, as you can see.
 This photo was taken from the window of Adelaide Walker
which was our first, port of call. It is an old mill, which has been
 repurposed,  into offices and small businesses.
It sells, felting and spinning supplies
(Annette, is a felt maker).
There was lots of temptations.....
Inspirational colours!
It was difficult but I resisted.

Merino Top Crocus  - 100gMerino Top Fuchsia  - 100g         Merino Top Lime  - 100g           
Then we hit the town. No Charity Shop was safe.

I picked up this little number, where everything was 99p.
Great for my interview, or that's what I told myself.
Then it was off for a bite to eat and home.
A great day out!
The rest of the week has been spent, in my workroom, playing.
I have been .....

Experimenting!  Making a grid, for a new textile piece.
A way of  incorporating text, into my work.
 I used free machine embroidery over hessian and paper. 
 The white stabiliser disolves in water.
 Will see what happens, when it dries!!

 Resurrecting an old project.

Really comfy sweater, that I have made before but worn out.
 Got a bit bored with the knittiing, as it's so plain but 
it's perfect for a fireside project (unlike the shawl).
The edging is sarisilk and the main body grey.
It's been on the needles for about 2 years at least.
About time I finished it.
Outside, it has rained but mostly at night.
We have had lots of 

pink fluffy clouds.

Lastly, I'm very excited! Have started a Twitter 
wordplay 'thing', with Ali from Random-Wooliness.
 I love words. It's great to find someone with a  fellow feeling.
Well, better get going.
Wherever you are.
 Hope you get some playtime in, this weekend.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

'The Party's Over...... It's Time To Call It a Day!'

It's dull and dank, again today but it could be a lot worse
and IS, in so many parts of the Country.

It's 12th Night tomorrow. The decorations
have come down and been packed away.

The New Year guests (artists and musicians, all), have departed
but not without leaving a trace .....
Mr C. has a large Buzz Light Year, toy collection.
Why are you telling us this, I hear you say.

 Our friend, Bettina, got into character
 and appeared at dinner, on New Year's Eve,
dressed like this!


Normal service is, being resumed, 
in our small piece of N. Yorkshire.
In true yarnaholic style, I bought these. 

on 1st Jan, no less.
Start as you mean to go on, that's what I say.
An absolute bargain, as they only cost me 1p each (plus p&p).
Couldn't believe it. Obviously a must have.
Don't know what I'm going to do with them
but then !!!

Been carrying on with my stashbusting project.
The Shetland Shawl.

Dressed Ethel, ready to photograph,
 so I can list my sweater, on Etsy.

I'm not a great one for resolutions but I am
going to try to cultivate more 'self belief', in 2014
create, create, create!
Only one more thing left to say today.

To Infinity and Beyond!!