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Friday, 31 January 2014

A Week of Two Halves.

The week started off, in a very sad way.
On Saturday, our lovely dog, Gemma,
went to that 'great dog home in the sky!'
She has been our true and faithful friend and companion,
for many years.

On a lighter note .......
Mr C. and I are part of a Pop-Up Shop, in Harrogate.
A great opportunity, which we grabbed with both hands.
I took all my stuff over to one of the exhibitors and jokingly
said to 'let me know if you sell anything, as it's up on Etsy as well'
and .............
Blow me down! Found myself going back next day, having sold 

I think that's called, 'sods law'!
Finished the flyer for my classes on crochet and 
have been asked to make a garter for a friend's wedding.
'something blue'
Picked up some lace, this week. There's a piece there
 perfect for that project, don't you think!

The wool arrived for the fairisle sweater and after
a faltering start, I've begun.

It's lovely and bright. Looks a bit like tartan, I think.
Very appropriate, as it's a Scot, I'm knitting it for.
I think that's it, for this week!
A sad start but lot's of positives too!
I'll close with another photo of Gemma, watching
me work.

You will be greatly missed x

Have a lovely creative weekend, everyone!