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Sunday, 5 January 2014

'The Party's Over...... It's Time To Call It a Day!'

It's dull and dank, again today but it could be a lot worse
and IS, in so many parts of the Country.

It's 12th Night tomorrow. The decorations
have come down and been packed away.

The New Year guests (artists and musicians, all), have departed
but not without leaving a trace .....
Mr C. has a large Buzz Light Year, toy collection.
Why are you telling us this, I hear you say.

 Our friend, Bettina, got into character
 and appeared at dinner, on New Year's Eve,
dressed like this!


Normal service is, being resumed, 
in our small piece of N. Yorkshire.
In true yarnaholic style, I bought these. 

on 1st Jan, no less.
Start as you mean to go on, that's what I say.
An absolute bargain, as they only cost me 1p each (plus p&p).
Couldn't believe it. Obviously a must have.
Don't know what I'm going to do with them
but then !!!

Been carrying on with my stashbusting project.
The Shetland Shawl.

Dressed Ethel, ready to photograph,
 so I can list my sweater, on Etsy.

I'm not a great one for resolutions but I am
going to try to cultivate more 'self belief', in 2014
create, create, create!
Only one more thing left to say today.

To Infinity and Beyond!!