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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Crochet Hexagons and Other Things.

Last week, found me preparing,
for my first crochet workshop.
I looked through my wool stash and
it all seemed so lacklustre and uninspiring.
After a trawl through the Internet I discovered,
this Stylecraft D.K. wool, on the Deramores website.

Lots of lovely and exciting colours at an inexpensive price. 
They arrived in, no time at all.
Ordered on Saturday lunchtime....
arrived on Monday.
I wound them into lots of little balls of colour.

If this doesn't inspire my newbies, nothing will.
My lovely ladies are beginners, needing lots of
help, reassurance and lovely colour.   
I spent the rest of the week, preparing handouts and
crocheting sample granny squares.

My object was, that by the end of the workshop, 
the ladies would be able to crochet one of these.
I did think it might be a big ask and so did they
at the beginning of the day but they didn't disappoint.
Look what they produced!

Well done girls!

To finish, thought I might share with you a ....
"How to "                    
Hexagon                     These little shapes are a bit more challenging than
                                  a granny square but are fun to make. When a few
are sewn together they look like a patchwork quilt.

I used a 4mm (Size 8) hook and double knitting weight
yarn ( in this case cotton), in three colours.
Cotton yarn always comes out slightly larger but
I thought it would make it easier to see.
All instructions are using UK terms.

 Things you need to Know: 
    ch (chain)          Make a slip knot, insert hook into loop, yarn over hook,
                             pull through loop on hook to make a new loop.                
sl st (slip stitch)      Insert hook into chain, yarn over, pull yarn through 
                             chain and loop on hook.
   tr (treble)           Yarn over hook, insert hook into stitch, pull yarn 
                            through stitch  (3 loops on hook), yarn over,
                            pull through next 2 loops (2 loops on hook),
                            yarn over pull through remaining 2 loops           
dtr (double tr)      Yarn over hook twice, insert hook into stitch, pull yarn
                            through stitch, 4 loops on hook), yarn over pull
                            through 2 loops (3 loops on hook), yarn over 
                           pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook), 
                           yarn over pull through remaining 2 loops.                                               
  *                       Repeat instructions between * *
Joining a new colour:

Make a slip knot in the new colour. Insert hook through
    stitch and then through slip knot loop.Tighten the slip knot.
 Pull loop through stitch , hook under yarn and pull yarn 
through slip knot loop ((forms 1st ch).
(see pic above)

              Method:      Make 6 ch. Join  last ch to the first ch with a sl st,
                                to form a ring. 
                                You will be working out of this ring for the first round.
             Round 1:       3 ch (counts as 1st tr), 2tr, 3ch,into ring, 
                                 *3tr, 3ch into ring, (rep from* 5 times).
                                  Make sl st to 3rd of initial 3ch, to complete round.
                                  Fasten off.

                 Round 2.    Join new colour into one of the spaces formed by 
                                   3 ch. Ch 4 (counts as 1st dtr), 2dtr 2ch, 3dtr into
                                   space, 3dtr, 2ch, 3dtr, into each of the other 
                                   3ch spaces. 

                               Make sl st, into 4th ch of initial 4ch, to complete
                               round. Fasten off.

                Round 3: Join new colour into one of the dtr from previous 
                               round. 3ch (counts as 1st tr), 
                               *1tr into each dtr, (2tr, 2ch, 2tr) into each 2 ch space*
                               Make sl st into 3rd ch of initial 3ch, to complete round. 
                               Fasten off.

Sew in the ends and there you have it!
 You can add more rows of tr's to make the
hexagon larger and more colourful.
Just remember to crochet 2tr, 2ch, 2tr into 
each 2ch space for the corners.
When you've made a pile, they can be sewn or
crocheted together to make a blanket.
                                             Happy hooking!
                                     Have a creative week, everyone.

This blog entry is my submission to the Deramores Blog Awards 2014.                                
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