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Thursday, 3 April 2014

You Need Hands!

Hello! from our dreary corner of North Yorkshire.
The weather has not been up to much this week.
Lots of mistiness and rain, with the sun in short supply.
Still, it seems to have kept the Saharan dust away.
I got to thinking, as you do, how essential our hands are!
How obvious is that, you may say.
What brought that on!
Well two things really.
A present, I purchased for my youngest's, girlfriend's 30th.

You can get anything on Ebay, these days.
It's strange to see a pair of disembodied hands.
(They would suit Ethel, don't you think?)

 Ali's post  about the Tapestry of Touch Exhibition
by the charity, Sense.
Where would we Crafter's be, without them!
Had a fantastic find last week.
A cache of Vintage (1940's)
Knitting, Homemaking and Embroidery books

My heart started beating a little faster when I spotted
the first one, in a cardboard box of old books.
On further investigation, I discovered a whole box full.
Well, by this time my heart was in overdrive.
I came away with eight in total, for a very reasonable price.
I collect these little treasure troves of information but lately
they have been put in 'collectables' and have been priced
out of my reach. So you can imagine my delight.
Love the thought that I will be treasuring, dipping into
and reusing, the information from someone's prized collection.
The illustrations are delightful!

and this little project caught my eye!

Maybe later!!
Lastly before I go, an update on my fairisle sweater
 and a tip.
Just cast on the last sleeve.
         So, it's all down hill from here on in.

                            I have been using 4 dpn's for the neck and the cuff.
             Juggling with 160 stitches, at one point,
               it was very annoying when the stitches kept
falling off the end of the needles.
          Put my thinking cap on and came up with this.

Found some wooden beads and popped them 
on each end of the needles.
Worked like a dream,
Problem solved!
Rumour has it, by the recipients of the sweater,
that there might be an ....
'after sweater', party.
How exciting!!
Have a great weekend everybody.