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Friday, 2 May 2014

Finally, It's Finished and a New Friend!

It's been a very strange week, here in our corner 
of North Yorkshire.
A mixture of sunshine and showers.
Today, it is quite chilly......
thought we'd got over all that!

Our tree peony is in bloom
and it's not the only thing in our garden!
If you look very carefully, you can see our new 
friend, Gill.

Yesterday morning, we had no thoughts of having another
dog and that evening, one turned up.

We had, I admit, toyed with the idea.
Mr C. said, one would turn up.
I, not being quite so confident, thought that I might have to give Fate
a helping hand. 'O ye of little faith', cause here she is!
We are just in the process of getting to know each other
but already, she has stolen a little piece of my heart.
Now then!  as they say in Yorkshire.
I can proudly announce that my fairisle
sweater, is finished. It has been rather a marathon
but I have learnt such a lot on the way.

 Over the weeks, I have posted little snapshots of my progress.

Well, here it is, in it's entirety, being modelled by Ethel and even though I
shouldn't blow my own trumpet, I am rather proud of it.

You are getting a sneak preview, as the recipient is
away on holiday, in Spain and won't be receiving it for another week.
I think Ethel will be sorry to see it go, as she has taken
 rather a fancy to it.

It only remains for me to wish you a
Happy Bank Holiday weekend, doing all the
things that you enjoy!