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Friday, 25 July 2014

Anatomy of a Bag!

The weather has been scorching this week.
Whilst walking Daisy, I noticed that the 
harebells, have started blooming.

The Pop-Up Shop, ends it's current run, this weekend.
One of the things that has found a new home is this,

Crochet bag.

This galvanised me into making a replacement.
It's not finished yet but I thought I would show you
how it's progressing.

I chose, soft shades, this time (reminded me of heather),
 with a mossy green top.

The closure, is a modern button, with a vintage
green glass button, in the middle.
Couldn't resist, injecting some colour, so .....

I have chosen to line it with this vintage fabric.
I love the little birds, perched in the tree.
The colours compliment and add something to the overall design.
Only remains, to crochet the handles,
so you know what I will be doing today!
Have a great weekend and happy holidays
to all those of you, who are setting off on your travels.