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Friday, 10 October 2014


This weeks blog post is a bit short and rambling. Mainly due 
to being limited by an injury, I sustained last Sunday.
I had such a fabulous time the week before, I suppose it's not 
to be wondered at, that I have come back to earth with a bump,

I took a tumble down that river bank, whilst out walking Daisy.
I am so accident prone, it's not true!!
The end result was that I dislocated
 (self diagnosis ... well I am a nurse after all),
the little finger of my left hand.
It's very painful, swollen, black and blue and no
use for doing very much.
Bother !!
 Meanwhile, Mr C, has installed, a multifuel burner,
in our front room.

We are taking advantage of the monies raised from
selling Mum's flat, to make a few improvements
to our daily living. He's done a great job and as you
can see ...... it's merrily burning away.
Just in time for the turn in the weather.
Managed to get in a little retail therapy,at my
favourite Charity shop.

 A rather garrish frame (but I love it), for the
bargain price of 99p
 and these ......

I think they were  a 'freebie' from a knitting magazine!

This is what they are for .... rather handy!
The little pink flower like studs are press studs, not buttons
as I initially thought. Knew I should have taken my glasses!
Not sure if I will use them but I am a sucker for
any knitting ephemera.
They will be absorbed into my vast collection.
Well that's it for me!
Not been able to do anything, in my work room, to share
with you this week. I'm down but definitely not out!

I think Ethel despairs, of me .......
Hope you have better luck this weekend!